Cold Attraction, by Zoe Ashwood | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my book review of

Cold Attraction, by Zoe Ashwood.

Trigger Warning: Torture mention, Blood, Murder, Attempted Murder, Attempted Rape (character saw), Attempted Rape mention, Deceased Parents mention.

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48131274._SY475_She’s hot for an alien…

Adriana is the first human to walk the icy planet Rendu as part of an exploration mission from Earth. An extraterrestrial anthropologist, she’s charged with observing the alien culture and finding out what makes them tick. One particularly gruff male makes her heart race and sends her professional judgment out the window…

… but he’s cold as ice.

Taron ad Naals brought an expedition of humans to his planet, only to find his home in political turmoil. The King is dead, and unscrupulous enemies threaten the young Queen’s life. On top of that, a certain voluptuous, warm-blooded scientist is set on uncovering secrets that should remain buried. One warm touch, and he’s hers: she brings him pleasure he never imagined existed.

Her love will melt his defenses.

As Adriana’s curiosity triggers a dangerous mess of galactic proportions, Taron must race to save her life. Yet she is the one who will rescue him – and his entire nation.

Cold Attraction is a steamy standalone Sci-Fi romance perfect for fans of sexy alpha aliens and strong heroines. It features a full HEA and has no cliffhangers.

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Cold Attraction took my by surprise… the best way possible. I did not expect what this story gave. I expected something a little more cheesy and completely off the charts unrealistic.

Let me just start by saying that I will read anything of Zoe Ashwood’s that I can get my hands on.

Cold Attraction had quite a bit of steam to it! I genuinely thought that Cold Attraction would be light on the sex scenes, but hooooo boy. The sex scenes are hot and heavy my friend—and i totally enjoyed reading every single minute. Hot Hot Hot.

The two opposing view points that we read from are first: Adrianna. The second: Toran.

Adrianna is an Earthling who is taking part of an exchange–if you will–where there are a certain number of people from Earth chosen and tasked to learn as much of Toran’s planet as possible. And the array of people that they brought along is quite eye-opening. I never would have thought to bring these people along, but then again, I’ve never led an expedition.

It’s from this expedition that there are some personality traits that were brought out in Adrianna that I didn’t expect from her within the first few chapters. Adrianna is a strong woman who, when push comes to shove, she’ll shove. I truly didn’t think that Adrianna was that type of person–so colour me surprised!

Toran, I had tagged down as the “frat-boy-oh-I’m-so-popular-look-at-meeee” type. …When in actuality, Toran is this person who will fight for those who he cares about, will protect those who cannot protect themselves….all while not giving into that saviour-heroism BS.

Something that, I’ve realized in reading Zoe Ashwood’s stories, as fantastical as they are, they’re still down to Earth. Which is something that I greatly admire. Her work is up in the stars, but at the same time, keeps you down to Earth as well.

Honestly, I enjoyed reading Cold Attraction more than I thought I would have. I gave Cold Attraction a try because I’ve liked Ashwood’s work in the past, and I’M SO GLAD that I didn’t pass CA by. Which is saying something, because I am sooooo picking about the sci-fi books I read–even more so with books that involved Aliens.

I give Cold Attraction, 4 stars.

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Have you read Cold Attraction by Zoe Ashwood? What’d you think?

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See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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