Baby Girl, by C.M. Stunich | Book Review

Hello loves! Today I have my book review of

Baby Girl, by C.M. Stunich.

Trigger Warnings: Car Accident resulting in Death, Blood, Fighting, Gun & Gun usage, Grief, Sex scenes.

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37784538._SY475_He died that night, alone, in the rain, in the dark, the boy that called me baby girl.
I was only seventeen; we were going to be together forever.

On his way to pick me up for prom, he swerved. I’ll never know what made him do it, what killed the boy I’d loved my whole life. With roses clutched in his hand, he bled out in icy wetness all alone.

His best friend is here though, and I’m pretty sure he loves me.
But after the accident, I left for a year and didn’t look back.

Now I’m back in town and my heart is like shattered glass.
Do I pick up the pieces and risk getting cut? And do I let another boy call me baby girl?

WARNING: Don’t open unless you’re prepared to ugly cry, but also ready to read a story of hope and new love, a love that was there all along but patient enough to wait. This is a book about grief, about loss, but also about fresh starts and new beginnings. The ride is sad, a tumultuous twist of feelings that gets ugly at times … but the ending is a happy one.

BABY GIRL is a full-length 300+ page new adult/contemporary romance novel. It’s a stand-alone meaning this volume contains a complete story; there are no sequels and no cliff-hanger. This novel includes cursing, tears, loss, graphic sex scenes, and new hope

Please note that while there are Reverse Harem themes, a reverse harem doesn’t actually take place in this story.

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The synopsis for Baby Girl may come off as Young Adult, but it’s actually New Adult. And yes, there are sex scenes. Also danger scenes. And fighting scenes involving Blood, sometimes Death (and death fighting mentions).

Even though there are two points of view within Baby Girl, the most we read from (and therefore our main character) is Emberly. 

Emberly; lost the love of her life, never really got over it, but they end up working through it together. 

Phoenix, lost his best bud and then the love of his life within…I want to say a week. We don’t get too much on Phoenix’s history, but we get to know the gist: that he was abused by his dad, and after Emberly left town, Phoenix fell into the wrong crowd. 

When Emberly comes back into town, Phoenix and Emberly are brought together again. Soon after they’re both thrown into the dark world that Phoenix had entered, while Phoenix tries his best to keep Emberly out of the danger and to keep Em safe.

Baby Girl is kind of a fast read, we’re given the before and after which is always interesting for me to read—seeing what people were like before a big traumatic event took place in their lives. But the after is…messy. 

Both Emberly and Phoenix have their demons to work through, but I’m glad that these two got a happy ending.

I give Baby Girl, 2 stars.

While I did enjoy this novel, it wasn’t enough for me to actually end up liking the book.

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Have you read Baby Girl, or anything else by C.M. Stunich? 

I believe that Baby Girl was my first C.M. Stunich read. Like, written solely by Stunich, that is.

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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