Snowed In With The Pack, by Dizzy Hooper | Book Review

Hello friends! In this post I have my book review of

Snowed In With The Pack, by Dizzy Hooper.

Snowed In With The Pack is the first book in the Broken Ladder Wolf-Shifters series.

Trigger Warnings: Sex Scenes.

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37540990._SY475_My body wants a mate. But I sure wasn’t counting on three…

It’s the most embarrassing time of any female shifter’s life. My body is desperate to be mated, and it’s willing to do whatever it has to to get the job done.

I have no home to go to, no place on this earth that feels safe.

Intent on riding out my mating season alone, I travel into the wilderness, when a freak blizzard leaves me stranded.

Of course, the only house around for miles is home to three ripped, wolf-shifter guys. They take me in—no strings attached.

In any normal situation, they’d be fighting each other for the right to claim me. But this isn’t normal.

These men take their pack-bond seriously, and they share everything. If I let them, they’ll share me.

Being so close to them as my season approaches is too much for me to bear. I need their hands on my skin, their touch. I beg them to help me scratch my itch and soothe my ache.

Only they don’t just want to sleep with me. They want to take me as their lover. Their mate.

They want to keep me—for life.

Snowed In With The Pack is a steamy reverse harem paranormal romance, with dirty language and hot wolf-shifter alpha males. It is only recommended for readers 18+.

It is 22,000 words, and has a guaranteed happy ending.

From GoodReads [x]:


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There’s only one point of view within Snowed In With The Pack, but that’s all that this story needs. The feelings of the others are made clear through and through. There’s little to no doubt.

Basically a young woman (Jessica) gets cast out from the safety of her father’s lands because her new stepmother has convinced Jessica dad that Jessica is a “whore.”

When Jessica, in her grief, finds herself driving for so long that when her car finally breaks down, Jessica finders herself in a setting that she doesn’t recognize, she realizes that her car has broken down not too far from a house. 

From then on Jessica’s mating season is upon her and she, well, mates with three different guys. When her mating heat is over she’s worried that what she’s just participated in might bite her in the ass. Thus Jessica has a mini moment of being scared/nervous/doubtful—and then Jessica decides to trust her newfound mates. 

Which works out incredibly well for her. The guys that Jessica is mated too we’re telling the truth. And the ending makes me believe that they’re going to treat Jessica like a Queen. 

Snowed In With The Pack is a very short novel, like, it’s 97 pages long. SIWTP is a short story, but an intriguing introduction to the series. 

So like, 99% of this this book is filled to the brim with smutty, hot sex.

While Snowed In With The Pack is not my favourite, it’s still entertaining. If you’re looking for a short story with a lot of sex, Snowed In With The Pack is a great Shifter Erotica.

I give Snowed In With The Pack, 3 stars. 

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