Escape the Sea, by G. Bailey | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my review of Escape the Sea by G. Bailey.

Escape the Sea is the first book in the Saved by Pirates trilogy. 

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35904026Seven towns. Seven seas. The seven council. The seven words every person lives by.

The sea is lost, pirates are death.

Cassandra should have been killed at birth, like all the other children who have powers like her.

The changed ones.

The ones who started the war, lost the seas and killed millions with their gifts.

Lucky for Cassandra, her father is on the council. One of the seven rulers of her large town and has kept her hidden her entire life.

When she is seen for the first time, she has no choice but to run and the only place she can go is to the sea.

To the pirates and a certain death.

At least that is what she thinks. When she meets six handsome pirates and they take her on board their ship, she learns about a whole new world.

If only she can protect her heart when they all desire to own it.

This is a reverse harem trilogy.

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I thought, for $3, why not? I’m so glad that I bought and read Escape the Sea. Of all the G. Bailey books that I’ve read, this trilogy feels like the least forced dialogued story.

By the time that I had finished reading Escape the Sea, I found that Cassandra’s story was especially intriguing—Cassandra isn’t allowed to go near or see the sea because she’s a changeling. And what I had predicted came true, but I’m not even mad about that. 

Escape the Sea had an interesting prologue. I believe if it hadn’t been there, I might’ve marked Escape the Sea as DNF. I wouldn’t have put much thought into that really.

When Cassandra’s story truly starts, there were a few interesting things about her. She could not: Go outside, stand by windows, bring any attention to herself lest someone finds out about her. If someone found out about Cassandra’s life there would be heavy consequences that would be paid. And there were. There were countless people who had found out about Cassandra’s being alive. And they paid the price for it.

Within Escape the Sea, there are multiple points of view, though the main person we read from is Cassandra. I’m genuinely glad that there were differing points of view throughout this first book because all the different points of view brought different things to the story. For that alone, it made Escape the Sea all the more interesting.

Escape the Sea was actually a fast read for me. If I’m remembering correctly, the app I was using to read Escape the Sea said I would finish reading this book within 2.5 hours. Which….was honestly such a relief. I didn’t want Escape the Sea to draw on and on and on. So I’m glad that we’re given 3 books altogether.

It was weird seeing Cassandra as this caged bird, and then suddenly she’s more free than she was before, learning many more things than she could have before 

The ending to this first Saved by Pirates book makes me feel like the second book, Love the Sea, will be just as interesting, if not more so than Escape the Sea.

I give Escape the Sea, 3 stars.

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Have you read Escape the Sea? What did you think of it?

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See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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