Gypsy Origins, by Kristy Cunning | Book Review

Hey friends! Today I have my book review of

Gypsy Origins, by Kristy Cunning. 

Gypsy Origins is the third book in the All The Pretty Monsters series. 

Trigger Warnings: Sex, Gun Usage, Kidnapping.

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43707999._SY475_I’m like a snowball rolling downhill.

That’s the first thing that pops into my mind when I try to explain my life. I don’t know exactly ‘what’ I am, but I do know who I am.

At least…I did.

Sometimes life sends things your way that upend everything you thought you knew, and then slings you in another direction without any sort of harness or warning.

Sometimes it drops someone like me off in the path of four wildly different monsters, who all used to be best friends, but now sort of hate each other and compete over absolutely everything, including…me.

Life would be easier if I wasn’t already attached to those four monsters, but they occasionally let their guard down around me, and I get a glimpse of what has to stay hidden under all those snowball layers, since they already rolled downhill a long time ago.

I’m tired of losing people I care about. I’m tired of searching aimlessly for answers. I’m tired of not having the right questions to ask.

I’m really tired of feeling like my vagina is cursed, but that’s obviously lower on the list of priorities. But in my vagina’s defense, it may not do tricks, but I keep it pretty. It shouldn’t keep scaring men/monsters off so easily, and it’s honestly starting to make me feel a little insecure.

Anyway, I’m finally closer than ever to having all the answers. So long as no new secrets emerge.

**Reverse Harem Romance

From GoodReads [x]:


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One of the very first things that I got to enjoy most about Gypsy Origins was how easy it was to fall back into Violet’s story.

Another thing that I liked about Gypsy Origins was how we get to know a little more about the Curse that seems to be incurable. — Even more of the plot was let known to us.

There were puns here and there scattered throughout the book, and they may have only been intended for the reader, but I still enjoy a good pun.

We also get to know more about Violet’s heritage–which is so completely wrapped in secrets, which are then again wrapped in secrets– its kind of amazing that Violet hasn’t yet exploded from information overload.

Within Gypsy Origins, we get to see a glimpse of how the guys were all best friends with each other way back. But then that’s overlooked when the guys all start fighting–which is always.

When Violet learns more of her past, and she feels like almost everything has settled into place…Violet freaks out a bit, but she also gains a bit of resolve and settles into her role in life. This brought out a new side to Violet since in previous books we’ve never really seen Violet with a game plan. So to see her start to formulate what she has to do, was different.

Overall though, Gypsy Origins still took me by surprise at times. I genuinely enjoyed reading GO. You get something new with every book that you read.

I give Gypsy Origins, 4 stars.

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Have you read Gypsy Origins? Did you like it? 

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