DNF – The Raven Queen’s Harem (Books 1-6) by, Angel Lawson | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my series book review of

The Raven Queen’s Harem, by Angel Lawson.

I read The Raven’s Queen Harem series as an omnibus. Which means that all 6 books were in one big book. However, I’ve decided to mark this series as Did Not Finish.

Trigger / Content Warnings for this series include: Sex Scenes.

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38751105I never thought I’d move to New York.

I certainly never expected to live in a mansion, rent free, with five super hot roommates.

But none of those things surprised me as much as discovering the truth about my destiny, the revelation of the ancient power flowing through my veins and how it changes my life.

I am the Raven Queen.

Come meet my harem.

This is the complete Raven Queen’s Harem series all in ONE bundle! No wait! It’s all here! Dive in today!

Raven’s Mark
Ebony Rising
Black Magic
Obsidian Fire
Onyx Eclipse
Midnight’s End

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Raven’s Mark

(Book 1 in The Raven’s Queen Harem)

TW/CW: Sex Scenes

This first Raven Queen’s Harem novel turned out to be nothing that I expected. Though to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything fancy.

There are 6 points of view from within Raven’s Mark. We mainly read from Morgan’s point of view. Actually what I liked about Raven’s Mark was that we’d have 2 chapters of Morgan’s viewpoint, and then we’d have a chapter from one of the guys.

The guys that we read from in this first book are Dylan, Sam, Clinton, Damien, and Bunny.

There were a few steamy moments in Raven’s Mark–that’s for sure. I won’t tell you between Morgan and whomever it was since I don’t want to spoil the series any more than I already am.

The reader and Morgan find out pretty quickly that there’s a severe reality in this novel that no one wants to face. When the truth about Morgan and the guys were revealed, I wasn’t exactly surprised. However, I’m baffled that Morgan took it as easy and as well as she did.

While there wasn’t any fighting that went on within Raven’s Mark per se… I have an inkling that there’ll be some fighting in the next few books, if not all of the rest of the series.

Admittedly, there isn’t much progress within Raven’s Mark as a whole, there’s quite a bit of character development within our main character.

The mythology that is behind The Raven’s Queen Harem managed to surprised me though.

Which leads me to say that as intriguing as Raven’s Mark was… I’m giving this first book in the series 2 stars.

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Ebony Rising

(Book 2 in The Raven Queen’s Harem)

Trigger Warnings: Sex Scenes.

Ebony proved to be a fast read. Maybe even faster than Raven’s Mark was. I easily fell into the story and before I knew it, I had reached the end.

There are a few accusations that transpired in this second novel. 

While the Morrigan came closer to the surface, Morgan was also able to reel her back in. 

Which ended in Morgan having sex for the first time. 

Aside from that, I’m irked that Morgan can’t just say “to Hell with it all. I want all of you as my mates.” 

I give Ebony Rising, 2 stars. 

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Black Magic

(Book 3 in The Raven Queen’s Harem)

Trigger Warning: Sex Scenes.

Black Magic was quite the fast read. What I liked about the story in this third book is that Morgan finally chose who she was to take as her mate. 

Story was progressing enough to make it interesting, though my interest in the last three books is faltering.

I give Black Magic, 2 stars.

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After I finished reading Black Magic, took a break from reading the series.

When I think about going back to read the last 3 books in The Raven Queen’s harem…..I realized that this series just wasn’t for me.

So, I have decided to mark The Raven Queen’s Harem series as DNF. The reasoning behind that is purely because I felt that the story was taking too long to unfold. Yes, there’s some great buildup in the series, and I did kind of enjoy reading Morgan and the guys’ stories.

Overall, I give this series 2 stars.

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Have you read anything by Angel Lawson? What’d you read, and did you enjoy it? 

This series was the first piece of work that I read by Angel Lawson. I’m curious about her other works, but am reluctant to read more of her work.

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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