Her Wolf, by Katherine Bogle, Alexa B. James | Book Review

Hello! Today I have my book review of

Her Wolf, by Katherine Bogle, Alexa B. James.

Her Wolf is the first book in the Silver Shifter series. 

Trigger Warnings: Abuse, Abuse mention, Fighting-to-the-Death Fight Matches, Sex Scenes.

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43896799Ariana has been stuck inside a cage as long as she can remember.
From one master to the next, she hasn’t known kindness since her parents were alive, and even then, she never belonged to herself. When a handsome werewolf saves her from the fighting pits, Ariana’s life is turned upside down.

Thrown into a brand new world, Ariana discovers she’s not only a wolf, but the Silver Shifter, a being born every hundred years, and she’s supposed to be the last. But her hot new alpha is hiding more than he’s telling, including the alphas of the other New York packs.

Wolves. Dragons. Bears. Panthers. Each pack is holding back a secret from her, like why Ariana feels an unnatural pull to each.

This is a reverse harem paranormal romance that features one kick-butt woman and her four shifter mates. It contains violence, medium burn romance, sexually explicit content, magic, vampires, and a lot of action. For ages 18+.

From GoodReads [x]:


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When I found Her Wolf, I didn’t look too closely at the synopsis since I didn’t want any potential spoilers to be mentioned. I don’t think I even read the synopsis to be quite honest with you.

Which is why I kind of regret reading Silver Shifter. 

I say ‘kind of’ because while I found the story to be captivating at times, the majority of Her Wolf..angered me, to say the least.

Her Wolf is pretty much divided into three general parts–the beginning, where we see Ariana in some of the worst moments of her life. The middle part, where Ariana is treated not that much differently when she was held as a slave. And the last part, where Ariana just…..has a lot of sex.

All of which in where Ariana’s troubles, fears, anxieties, aren’t even addressed properly. I’m quick to admit that Her Wolf –as interesting as some parts were– had me enraged throughout my read-through.

Honestly, the character that pissed me off the most was Maximus. Reasons?

  • He’s possessive.
  • Treated her like a dirty animal at one point.
  • Just a jerk in general.

Maximus’ character is the kind where he’s, well, possessive of the one that he loves. There were things in the first few chapters of the book that completely enraged me. Maximus did the very thing that Ariana feared, I mean literally terrified of, and despised of the most. Which shocked me to my core to be frank. How Maximus treated her not only during the beginning of the book, but throughout the rest of Her Wolf was….such a turn-off. Maximus was just really an abhorrent character in my books. I hope Maximus learns from his possessive ways throughout the rest of the series.

Another thing that I was completely angered ‘n’ disgusted by was that sex scenes happened almost immediately after Ariana got her freedom. Which, in my books, is so fucked up. 

Arianna having a wolf, a dragon, a bear, and a panther as her mates is cool ‘n’ all, but that’s about it for me in this story. 

Though I will say that the writing was easy to follow, and what I liked about the different view points was that at the beginning of each chapter, we were given the name of the character whose point of view we were reading from.

I give Her Wolf, 1 star.

As much as I am intrigued to read the rest of the Silver Shifter series, I’ve decided that I’m not going to.

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Have you read Her Wolf? If you have, what did you think of it?

Her Wolf was a complete miss for me.

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Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading! 

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