Bone Witch, by D.N. Hoxa | Book Review

Hello lovelies! Today I have my book review of

Bone Witch, by D.N. Hoxa.

Bone Witch is the first book in the Winter Wayne series.

Trigger Warnings: Attempted Murder, Murder mention, Murder, Blood mention, Blood, Gun Use.

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37203047._SY475_My name is Winter Wayne, and I’m a Bone witch—minus the magic.

I used to work in the only place in Manhattan that had use for a witch like me, until my boss kicked me out over a job gone bad (not my fault, I swear).

Pure boredom and the lack of company got to my head fast. I was so desperate, I took a delivery job from a complete stranger. It was supposed to be an easy job, clean and simple. It was anything but.

Now, there’s a price on my head and my own coworkers are hunting me down. My mad fighting skills alone aren’t going to be enough to keep me alive. Looks like the time has come to dig out my mother’s bones and complete the ritual that will finally ignite the magic in my bones—if I even make it that far.

She never wanted me to be part of the Paranormal world, but she made sure I was prepared for it anyway. I’m finally about to find out why.

**No cliffhanger

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Bone Witch isn’t a reverse harem! That’s the first in a while, hey? *evil cackle*

Bone Witch took me by surprise on a few occasions. Though I called that plot twist! I’m actually genuinely hoping that the plot twist within this first book will come into play in the rest of the series somehow.

Within Bone Witch there’s one point of view–and that’s from Winter. We learn early on that Winter is slightly more trusting than she should be, and she realizes her mistakes throughout this first book. And actually, there’s quite a bit that makes Winter a realistic and relatable character: she grieves, she freaks out and she reacts in a way that, to me, is how I wish to react to things (lol, I have such a resting bitch face).

Another thing that we learn quite early on into Bone Witch that Winter doesn’t have her full powers. Yet she still does a badass job. And until she needed the extra oomf to her powers, Winter herself is very capable of protecting herself. When Winter completed the  ritual to claim her powers, it was a total game changer for her.

Throughout the entirety of Bone Witch, nothing seemed to be going on the way that Winter wanted it to. In turn this caused the story to be quite interesting. I didn’t want to put the story away until I had finished reading.  

I’m glad that this first step into Winter Wayne’s story was easy to fall into–and actually super easy to read. We’re also not given any long history lessons (which can sometimes break a story).  I’m quite happy that there were times when Winter learned something new because that kept Bone Witch from becoming stale. 

The love interest kind of took me by surprise to be honest. There are instances in the story where Winter isn’t sure of what she’s seeing, and she projects her own feelings from finding out the truth about herself, onto the love interest. Yet I knew that there was something more to the love interest that was kept from Winter.

I give Bone Witch 3 stars! I’m truly looking forward to reading the next book. 

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Have you read Bone Witch? Have you read anything else by D.N. Hoxa? 

I wanted to start with another series, but read that the book that I was interested in reading was a part of the Winter Wayne & Scarlet Jones world. When I find stuff like this out, I like to go back to the “very beginning.” I like to start where the first book was written and make my way through. ….Though if I’m remembering correctly, the author said that one could read the series she’s written as stand-alones..

It’s a great thing that I enjoyed this first Winter Wayne novel, so now I can thrown in some book reviews that aren’t reverse harem reviews.

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!

3 thoughts on “Bone Witch, by D.N. Hoxa | Book Review

    • adeleisreading says:

      LOL, i know right?! I’ve been reverse harem CENTRAL lately. It feels great to branch out again into non-reverse harems though😎.

      I’ll check out your post right now. If you get around to reading Bone Witch, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this first book. SO MUCH. HAPPENS.

      Thank you for your lovely comment💖💖


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