Hunting Darkness, by Savannah Rose | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my book review of

Hunting Darkness, by Savannah Rose.

Hunting Darkness is the first book in the Demon Hunter series. 

Trigger Warnings: Fighting, Murder, Sex Scenes

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44453500There’s only one word to describe the devil’s kiss.

There’s only one word to describe a hunter who locks lips with the most revered, most feared, and most despicable demon to have ever existed.

A hunter and the Devil. It’s not just an unlikely pair. It’s an impossible one. Add his two henchmen to the mix and there’s only one word that spells.

I am Melody Black. Daughter of the New York Guild’s leader. Daughter of the best hunter to have ever existed. But daddy dearest is about to lose his title. He’s conquered a lot, but the one thing he has never done is come face to face with Lucifer himself. Now, here I am, standing with the King of Demons, sword palmed, stance perfected.

There is only one thing left to do.
Defeat him.

There is only one feeling meant to be felt.

Instead, desire rips through my body, and even though Lucifer doesn’t touch me, I can feel him everywhere.

I am the hunter, but I am also the hunted.

And it’s not just Lucifer who has his dark eyes fixated on me.

Hunting Darkness is a #whychoose demons and devils paranormal romance, featuring your favorite demon, Lucifer and his devilish henchmen. Oh, and of course, the queen of all strong female leads and renowned demon hunter, Melody Black. No cheating. No cliff hangers. And even with the dark paranormal romance elements, you’ll still get your HEA.

From GoodReads [x]:


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Hunting Darkness is a Urban Fantasy novel, that takes place in New York, with Reverse Harem elements. I didn’t think that I’d end up enjoying Hunting Darkness, but…I did!

I think what surprised me the most with Hunting Darkness, is that there was only one point of view. I love the point of view that we read from.

The POV that we read from is Melody. What I adore about Melody is that she doesn’t hold back. Melody is actually the kind of person who doesn’t let anybody get close to her. In fact, Melody is very much the loner. She keeps people beyond arms length with her angry-bitchyness that is very effective in keeping everyone away.

What I also like about Melody is that she doesn’t mince her words. Melody swears so much in Hunting Darkness, and I love it.

Onto the story now…. There were a few minor things here and there that were predictable to me, but I’m OK with that. With the story being a smidge predictable here and there, that actually made the story more enjoyable in my eyes.

There were also moments throughout the story that managed to surprise me as well.

The slow burn romance was interesting to read. Though I’m quite intrigued about how the romance will escalate in the next novel, Hunting Light.

Truth be told, I genuinely did not think that I would end up enjoying Hunting Darkness as much as I did. At best I thought that Hunting Darkness would be an alright novel, which would then make me uninterested in reading further into the series. However, the complete opposite happened. I enjoyed reading Hunting Darkness way more than I thought I would, and I’m happily looking forward to reading the next book(s).

Overall, I give Hunting Darkness, 4 stars.

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Have you read anything by Savannah Rose? Did you enjoy what you read? 

Hunting Darkness is the only thing I’ve read by Savannah Rose (so far), and I’m quite happy that I actually enjoyed reading Rose’s work.

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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