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Hello friends! Welcome to today’s post. As you can see by the title of this post, I’m doing the Lemonade Stand tag! The Lemonade Stand tag is a super cute tag that’s actually quite fast to do. So it’s right up my alley–I’m so excited.

The Lemonade Stand Tag was originally created by Jeimy @ A Novel Idea, though I found this tag via Lindsay @ Singer of Stories post. Check out their answers!

The Lemonade Stand Tag is part of #BESummer19, so if you’re interested in checking out the posts, I suggest you do!


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Sour – Name a Character that left a sour taste in your mouth.

Joseph, from The Five Brothers Next Door (by Nikki Chase). Joseph was such a bad dude, ugh. I feel gross even thinking about him.

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Semi – Name a scene that was bitter-sweet.

There’s a scene in Era of Undying (by Emilie Knight) that was so bitter-sweet. It actually broke my heart to tell you the truth.

And oh my gosh, I have to include this book as well: Flight Season by Marie Marquardt.

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Sweet – Name a book ending that was too sweet for words.  

An ending to a book that was too sweet for words… I’m sure that there are many books out there that have sweet endings to them. However, what comes to mind is the ending to Uprooted (by Naomi Novik).

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Slushie – Name a book that was completely refreshing.

A book that was completely refreshing for me…. I can’t choose only one so I’m going to list a few….


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These are my answers to the Lemonade Stand Tag. What’d you think?

Have you done the Lemonade Stand Tag? What are your answers? If you’ve done the Lemonade Stand Tag, leave a link below! I’d love to check out your post.

Thank you for coming by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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