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Hello friends! For today, I’ve got my book review of

Give Me a Dream, by Zoe Ann Wood.

A big Thank-You, Zoe Ann Wood, for allowing me to read Give Me a Dream in exchange for an honest review.

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unnamedWhen in Rome … don’t tell your boss you’re in love with him.

Ava has the perfect job – with one exception. She’s been in love with her boss for years, and she’s finally resigning. If only she could do it without telling Daniel how she feels about him.

Daniel’s billion-dollar empire is thriving, and Ava is crucial to its success. Which is why Daniel absolutely can’t let her know he’s fallen for her. Keeping his distance is key.

But a work trip to Rome threatens to shatter their carefully constructed defenses. Spending time together in the beautiful ancient city brings out feelings they can no longer hide. Their careers and their happiness will crumble if they refuse to open their hearts.

With this clean romance novella, you’ll enter the romantic world of billionaires: you’re guaranteed an evening of sweet escape. Get Give Me a Dream today!

Publication Date: July 21, 2019.

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Well, what can I really say about Give Me a Dream? This story was truly what I was hoping for.

Ava and Daniel’s story is what I like to read in a romance story. Their story is like, peak romance for me. PEAK. ROMANCE.

I adored that this story was straight to the point. There was no dilly-dallying, no messing around. In fact, Give Me a Dream was an incredibly fast read–I read Give Me a Dream in under an hour!

And for a romance story that doesn’t contain sex, I appreciate Ava and Daniel’s story even more.

When I started reading Give Me a Dream I didn’t know what to expect–I knew what I was hoping for but that was it. With what I read though, I liked what I read.

I give Give Me a Dream, 3.5 stars.

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Are you interested in reading Give Me a Dream? This novel comes out on July 21st, so don’t miss out!

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See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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