Marked By Power, by Cece Rose & G. Bailey | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my review of
Marked By Power, by Cece Rose, and G. Bailey.

Marked By Power is the first book in The Marked series. 

Trigger Warnings: Attempted Kidnapping, Kidnapping, Underaged Drinking, Attempted Murder, Murder.

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36206893Is being marked with just one of the powers enough? Is being marked with six? What about being marked with all twelve?

When Mackenzie’s seventeenth birthday comes around, she planned to spend a few years at the school for the marked learning about her new powers, and then leaving and living her life. But nothing goes as planned when she attends the marking ceremony and all twelve marks appear.

Kenzie lives in a world where being marked with six powers is normal, being marked with seven or more is rare. But being marked with twelve? Well, that’s unheard of.

With learning about her new powers, the last thing Kenzie needs to worry about is falling for her hot teacher. Not to mention the unneeded distractions of the sexy twins, the jerk in all her classes, and her older brother’s best friend who finally seems to notice her.

Romance and marked powers are never a good mix, not when there are people who desire her for more than her heart.

Kenzie may not know, understand or want her twelfth power, but someone does.

This is a reverse-harem series.

From GoodReads [x]:


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True to form, I didn’t read the full synopsis for Marked By Power. I only read the first italicized paragraph and I was hooked.

There are a few different points of view within Marked By Power and they are: Kenzie, Easton, Locke, Logan, Enzo.

All of the points within this book are highly entertaining. I haven’t laughed so much while reading a book in a while. I adore the guys’ points of view. They all brings something different to the proverbial table, and I’m so, so glad that Easton, Locke, Logan and Enzo have such different personalities from one another. If they were at all similar, Marked By Power would be…a lot less entertaining than it is.

Though I have to say that Kenzie really takes the cake. Especially since Kenzie is the main character of Marked By Power. I adore Kenzie’s point of view–she’s the most entertaining of all.

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes that we, the reader, the main characters, know about. Every now and then we’re given bits and pieces of what’s going on. But even by the end of this novel we don’t know what’s happening. 

Marked By Power is incredibly fast paced. This fast pace kept me reading well into the night actually. I don’t even mind that I stayed up late reading Marked By Power, since I ended up enjoying Kenzie’s story more than I thought I would.  

Even though Kenzie does a bit of emotional-running-away, to my enjoyment, the guys do emotional-running-away as well.

Polygamy is a normal thing in this novel, and I love that it’s such a normalized thing in this world that Kenzie lives in.

Learning about all of these powers was so interesting! I adore elemental power stories. 

With how Marked By Powers, I am seriously intrigued and interested in reading the second book, Marked By Pain 

I give Marked By Powers, 4 stars.

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Have you read anything by Cece Rose, or G. Bailey? Did you enjoy it? 

I’ve read books by G. Bailey, and have enjoyed them, but I believe this is my first Cece Rose novel. I’m glad I took a chance and read Marked By Power.

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!

8 thoughts on “Marked By Power, by Cece Rose & G. Bailey | Book Review

  1. AhanaRao says:

    I can feel myself clicking that buy now button already! Love your review! It’s as hooking as the italicised sentence of the blurb!

    Hey have you checked out The Curse of the Gods series by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve??? That the first set of books I read with RH and fell in love. It reminds me of this one, with the laughter and swoon!

    Liked by 1 person

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