Stroke The Flame, by Elizabeth Briggs | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my book review of Stroke The Flame, by Elizabeth Briggs.

Stroke The Flame is the first book in the Her Elemental Dragons series. 

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39005858Four sexy dragon shifters. A huntress with a dark past. A bond that could save the world.

I’ve spent my entire life running from my past and staying out of trouble. That’s how I’ve kept alive ever since my parents were killed by the Black Dragon, who’s ruled the world under her oppressive talons for as long as anyone can remember.

But it’s hard to keep a low profile when four handsome strangers turn up in your village claiming you’re destined to save the world. According to them, they’ve been chosen by the gods to become elemental dragons—and I’m their mate.

Which means one day I’ll be the most powerful dragon of all, able to control all four elements. Assuming I can unlock my powers first…by getting intimate with each of my sexy mates.

Auric, the clever prince. Jasin, the cocky soldier. Slade, the protective blacksmith. Reven, the mysterious assassin. And me. We’re the only ones who can bring balance to the world and overthrow the Black Dragon—if she doesn’t tear us to shreds first.

STROKE THE FLAME is the first book in a new steamy reverse harem fantasy series.

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The first, and I think the only thing that bothered me throughout Stroke The Flame was how there seemed to be an answer for every-single-thing. I don’t know about you, but when there are answers to everything in a book and the characters don’t have to work for an answer? Kinda pisses me off to be honest.

There are a few points of view within Stroke The Flame. Though the main character that we read from is Kira, and she’s just turned 20 in this novel. The other 4 view points that we read from are her love interests–or, they will be.

Stroke The Flame has a good story going for it. Though overall the story is a bit ridiculous, really. I liked where the story was going and how everything was turning out.

I am truly bothered by how these 5 face problems and there’s always a solution. There’s never any serious, life-threatening consequences. This in itself felt completely unnatural to me. There wasn’t ever an occurrence that had caused the characters to fight ….. what I’m trying to get across is that Stroke The Flame feels a little too….clean. and even thought the characters are fighting a serious battle, their entirety feels…un-chaotic. 

I give Stroke The Flame, 1.5 stars.

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Have you read anything by Elizabeth Briggs? If so, did you like what you read? 

Stroke The Flame is the first piece of work that I’ve read by Elizabeth Briggs, and honestly….everything was a little underwhelming. If I continue on with this series, I hope that the Her Elemental Dragons series gets more lively. Chaotic. Interesting.

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See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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