Winter Goddess, by Skye MacKinnon | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my review of Winter Goddess, by Skye MacKinnon.

Winter Goddess is the fourth (and final *sob*) book in the Daughter of Winter series.

Trigger / Content Warning: Assassination, Grief, Murder

40023234Just because Wyn has changed doesn’t mean that the war is over. Not at all.

Angus and the Morrigan are ready for battle, but so are Wyn and her allies. It’s time to fight for the Winter Realm and the balance that keeps the magic alive.

***This is the fourth and final book in the Daughter of Winter series. 18+***

From GoodReads [x]:

“Reverse harem” is, literally, the opposite of “harem”, with a group of males centering round a singular female, usually with three or more males. Quite often found under the romance genre.

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There were so many different things that I was looking forward to reading within Winter Goddess. So I’m quite overjoyed by the happenings within this final book. Of course there are some things that I was upset by, and rightfully so, since my concerns are for Wyn and her guys.

Winter Goddess was such a blast to read! I know I’ve said this in my previous reviews of the books in this series, but  e v e r y  thing moved so damn quickly in this novel. 

There were so many revelations that a lot of the characters had in this novel. 

I’m glad to have been able to read this series. I’ve enjoyed it  w a y  more than I thought I would. 

I loved seeing Wyn become the person she was by the end of this book. There were so many tricks up Wyn’s sleeves. Wyn has no doubt grown into the role she was meant to fulfill in this story. 

Yet there was something that disappointed me within Winter Goddess, and that was that  I was truly looking forward to the glorious fight I had made up. In my mind I had amped the fight to be a huge one, so I was really disappointed when I found out that the fight was actually read in a short amount of time.

Overall though, I loved reading Winter Goddess, and the ending to this book, was a perfect ending for the entire Daughter of Winter series.

I give Winter Goddess, 5 stars.

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Have you read the Daughter of Winter series? Did you like it? 

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!








And omg! They all got married!! What a great ending! I legit thought that the series would end with all of them not being married (even though there were slight mentions of marriage in Winter Goddess) 



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