[DNF] Ocean’s Daughter by Lisa Barton | ARC Book Review

Hello friends! Todays post is my long, overdue ARC book review of Ocean’s Daughter by Lisa Barton.

**Disclaimer: I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the  publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way impacted my review.**

Trigger/Content Warning: Plane Crash Resulting in Multiple Deaths, Rape

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29605672“You must be Tina Russell,” he finally spoke. His deep voice and his step towards her filled her with renewed fear. “Welcome to Atlantis.”

A mythical story for young adult readers, Ocean’s Daughter follows the life of Tina Russell, a lonely soul searching for meaning of her existence. As she wanders Atlantis, the former place of opportunity, she notices the land is different to how it used to be, leaving Tina determined to change this…

Readers follow Tina’s journey in Atlantis as we see her reunited with her long-lost father and become intertwined in a love triangle with two handsome youths, which turns eventually dangerous…

Jealously, blackmail, magic and mayhem are suddenly everywhere in Atlantis as Tina realises the mythical kingdom will never be the same again. Will Tina ever be able to use her powers and rebuild the Atlantis she once loved? Will she ever be proud again to be known as the daughter of this mythical place?

Inspired by Anthony Horowitz, Gene Roddenberry and Phillip Pullman, this mythical tale will appeal to teenage readers that enjoy Greek mythology and fantasy fiction plus fans of romance novels.

Release Date: April 15, 2016.

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I had super high hopes for Ocean’s Daughter. ….yet when I sat down to read it, all of those hopes had crashed and burned.

I’ve got be honest with you about two things: 1. I DNF’d Ocean’s Daughter at 11%. 2., as you may have guessed it already: I truly did not like the 11% that I read.

The first thing that I liked about Ocean’s Daughter was that the beginning of the book caught my attention.

The second thing that I liked was that there were some parts that were interesting to me—-especially the parts that included Neptune.

While reading I thought that the story and characters were intriguing, but not interesting enough to keep me wanting to read more of the novel.

There were actually multiple points of view within this novel. Yet there was no clear visuals saying whose part belonged to who. The POV’s were all put together with no separation. Personally, I could follow along with all the different view points, but for some people I can tell that it might be difficult for them.

The rest of the book is what I had a problem with. In fact: there’s something that happens at the end of the 3rd chapter that made me DNF Ocean’s Daughter almost instantly. I tried reading another page. It didn’t work out.

What I didn’t like about Ocean’s Daughter is that all of it felt forced: the story, the dialogue….everything. So that was a mark off for me.

Then at the end of the third chapter our main character, Tina, ends up falling in love with her cousin. On the spot. I just…..like, seriously? The fact that Tina had insta-love towards her cousin actually 100% cemented the fact that I wouldn’t, and won’t, be finishing Ocean’s Daughter.

I am unfortunately very disappointed with how Ocean’s Daughter faired to me. Which is a shame because I found the synopsis to hold much promise.

Another thing that I disliked about Ocean’s Daughter was the narrative style. I personally didn’t enjoy it. I genuinely had a difficult time reading the 11% that I did, because of how the narrative style was written.

I give Ocean’s Daughter, 1 star.

Ocean’s Daughter was a cool idea, and has a great cover. However, how the story played out in the 11% that I read was poor.

Have you read Ocean’s Daughter? What are your thoughts on it?

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading! 

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