Trust the Wolf by Zoe Ashwood | ARC Book Review

Hello friends! Today’s post is a book review of Trust the Wolf by Zoe Ashwood. If you like Urban Fantasy / Shifter / Paranormal Romance stories then I definitely suggest that you check out Trust the Wolf.

**Disclaimer: I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way impacted my review.**

Trigger Warning: Attempted Abduction, Abduction Mention, Gun Usage, Tranquilizer Usage, Death Mention.
If you don’t like stories with sex scenes, I would advise you to not read Trust the Wolf. 

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41727431You never forget your first wolf.

Emilia’s first encounter with Jason is memorable: it’s not every day you see a stranger change into a wolf. Her attraction to him is undeniable, but the secret he shares shakes the foundations of her life.

Jason’s need for Emilia unnerves him. It’s his job to report shifters without proper ID, yet he can’t make himself do it this time. The decision bites him in the tail when he discovers exactly who she is. He must keep his distance—or there will be hell to pay.

Their fates entwine when rogue shifters learn of Emilia’s identity and will stop at nothing to get to her. Emilia and Jason will have to fight together or risk losing everything.

But most of all? Emilia must learn to trust the wolf.

Publish Date: January 24, 2019.

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I’m very glad that I discovered Trust the Wolf, and I’m even happier that Zoe Ashwood allowed me to read Trust the Wolf and review it for her. When I fist read about Trust the Wolf I knew that the story would be perfect for me, and I’m so glad that it is!

I found that Trust the Wolf is a light and fast read. Emilia and Jason’s story is one that I can easily enjoy reading again and again. I loved getting to know Emilia and Jason, and I appreciate that both characters respectfully, have their own points of view in this story.

I enjoyed reading about Emilia finding out about the shifting side of her. Seeing Emilia learning how to shift and actually enjoy the shifter side to her life was great to read. I’m happy that Emilia got to know a part of her biological history.

Jason’s side of the story was a joy to read as well, since he brought some Shifter History and Laws to Emilia’s attention that she previously did not know about. Another thing that I enjoyed immensely about Jason’s side of the story is how Jason discovered just how much he loves Emilia.

I love the pacing of the story in Trust the Wolf to be honest. In my view there isn’t anything that the story uselessly lingers on which is great. This means that the story was constantly entertaining. Never did I feel like the story was boring.

img_7636I also liked that there are a few action scenes in the novel! You honestly can’t go wrong with great action scenes.

Something that I greatly appreciate within the dynamics of Emilia and Jason’s story was that they didn’t truly deny to their attraction to one another.

And for those of you who do not like sex scenes in novels, I would advise you to not read Trust the Wolf, since there are a few sex scenes within the story.

I loved reading Trust the Wolf.

I give Trust the Wolf, 4 stars.

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!
— Adele

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