The Hiatus of 2018 | Adele Is Reading

Hello friends ! I hope you are all doing well. I also hope that you’re finding some books to love out there in the world.

I’m typing this out not knowing what to say, so I’ll just be blunt about it.

I will be taking a blog-hiatus until further notice. I want to say that this hiatus will be over by the end of November, but I myself am not too sure about when this hiatus will end.

The reasoning for this hiatus is that I’ve taken it upon myself to make a bunch of Holiday Christmas presents for my family and loved ones. I decided this at the beginning of October, and since then I’ve added way more to my plate. I’m swamped. Which leaves me with no time for blogging nor reading.

However, I will be semi-active on both my Instagram and Twitter. If you want to follow me on those social media’s that’d be awesome! I’d love to stay in touch with you.

If you decide to unfollow me, I completely understand. If you decide to stick with me then Thank You so so so much!

Hopefully I will be back in December. If not I will be back for sure in the new year. And I will let you all know if I decide to extend the hiatus. I’m so sorry if you were looking forward to reading my blog posts, and/or reviews. Hopefully I will come back in the full swing of things!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this!

I hope you read some great books.

Happy Reading!

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