Nightblood, by Elly Blake | Book Review #408


Ruby’s world has changed more than she ever could have imagined. She’s in love with a powerful Frost King. She’s the heir to the Fire Throne. And she may be a Nightblood–the spawn of a vengeful deity hellbent on releasing his wraithlike Minax from their prison. Once freed, these beasts will roam the earth, devouring every last person until he or she is nothing but an empty husk. But Ruby is able to control the Minax to a degree, and now she, her beloved Arcus, and her friend Kai must find a way to bring Frostbloods and Firebloods–sworn enemies–together to make a stand against a foe more deadly than any they’ve faced.

In this heart-pounding finale of Elly Blake’s gorgeously written and action-packed Frostblood Saga, the fate of Frostbloods, Firebloods, and all of humanity is at stake.

Before I get into my review, I wanted to let you know that I read Nightblood expecting that there would be a fourth book added to the series. As far as I know, there isn’t one in the works. 

For the most part I enjoyed reading Nightblood. I unfortunately forgot quite a bit of the previous two books, so reading Nightblood was a bit of a challenge. However, I eventually remembered some bits and pieces of the story as they were mentioned in the telling of Nightblood.

What I enjoyed about Nightblood was the pacing of the story. The story moves quickly (which I liked), and there were some pretty good action scenes as well!

What I didn’t like in the story was how possessive Arcus and Kai were. I am glad though that the “love-triangle” was resolved pretty quickly.

I was glad that this book was interesting enought from the start to make me want to complete the novel. Frankly, once I started reading and centred myself in the story I didn’t want to stop reading.

Another thing that I liked was that Nightblood wasn’t a boring end to the “saga,” and for most of the story I was kept on my toes. Almost nothing was predictable, which is another great tid-bit about Nightblood.

Something else that was enjoyable was seeing the characters of all upbringings be vulnerable and show emotion.

After I finished reading Nightblood and found out that it was the end to the series, I was a little pissed off… if Nightblood is the true ending to the “Saga” then I am very displeased. So much more could happen with this world and Ruby’s story. The fact that Nightblood ended with both a happy ending and hope for more story is fine and well. I’m just irked that the Frostblood series is known as the Frostblood Saga. Am I alone in thinking that Saga means 4 books?

Overall I enjoyed reading Nightblood, but with that cookie-cutter, too perfect ending, I have to give Nightblood 2 stars.

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Have you read the Frostfire saga?
If you have, what did you think of it?

Happy Reading
— Adele

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