Karneval Omnibus Vol. 05 + 06, by Touya Mikanagi | Manga Review #58 & #59

This post contains spoilers for KARNEVAL OMNIBUS VOLUMES 05 & 06.


Karneval Omnibus Volume 05, by Touya Mikanagi

When Nai’s bracelet mysteriously reactivates, he and Karoku find themselves transported to the wilds of an unknown land. Worried, Gareki requests a leave of absence from Chronomé Academy to join in the search for Nai, but he is forced to make a difficult decision concerning his future…


I was actually really looking forward to reading the 5th Omnibus after having been left at that CLIFF HANGER in the 4th Omnibus. Aside from that, I didn’t know what to expect so I didn’t have any predictions.

I had great joy in seeing Gareki go after and look for Nai. It was so adorable to see Gareki show that he cares about another being, instead of being so stoic all the time and not show any emotion.

In this volume I found that there are so many people that care for nai, and in turn there are so many people that care for Gareki. Hoenstly, the first few chapters were like a big “I care about you, everyone cares about you!” love fest.

While the story progress and got serious, I adore the fact that there’s humour imbedded in the story as well. The balance between the serious and the playful is very skillful.

There’s a new character introduced!!! And then killed. However, we saw a side to a character that we know and love, which we have never truly seen before.

The way that this 5th Omnibus has ended has me itching to read the next volumes, so I’m glad that they’re currently in my possession!

In the next volume I hope to find out what really happened to Yogi. His history — his story.

I give the 5th omnibus volume, 4 stars.

Karneval Omnibus Volume 06, by Touya Mikanagi

29467238The battle at the base of the Mermerai mountains draws to a close following the entrance of the silver-haired Yogi. However, even after the trouble ends, Silver Yogi refuses to revert to Yogi’s normal self! Aboard the 2nd Ship, Nai awaits Gareki’s return…Later, a visitor turns up at Uro’s door–Azana. Though his thoughts have remained with Dr. Akari, Azana has been working under Uro to further his research on Varuga. Meanwhile, back on Hirato’s ship, Karoku reveals a shocking truth about the mysterious notebook he left behind in the Rainbow Forest. What secrets do its pages hold…?!


With what happened in the ending of the 5th omnibus volume, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen in this 6th volume. I mean, we’re literally given no explanation as to who Yogi really is. All of the Circus crew are like that though: mysterious. Though they have to be, in the line of work they’re doing.

There were many things that were revealed to us in this 6th Omnibus volume. First we find out what happened with Yogi’s past, and how he came to join Circus. Secondly we found out the history behind the bracelets and how they help circus. There are a few more things we find out too, but I’ll let you find those out.

What the heck the first few chapters were so CUTE nyaaaperonaaa !

The character development that the Silver Yogi has is great and I love him even more for that. I’m super glad and happy that Silver Yogi injected himself with his medicine / even though he ran away and Blond Yogi has to deal with the consequences.

Much like the ending to the last volume I read, the ending to this 6th volume has me wanting to read the seventh omnibus volume eagerly!

I give this sixth omnibus volume, 4 stars.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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