Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

I haven’t done the first version of this tag. I was tagged by both Jamsu and Sarah to do this tag. This version of the tag is Anthony’s first prompt in the Blogoween-verse this year.


  • Answer all prompts.
  • Answer honestly.
  • Tag 1-13 people.
  • Link back to this post.
  • Remember to credit the creator. (Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward)
  • Have fun!

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Witch: A Magical Character or Book. 

Hunter Joy, or just Joy, from the Hunter trilogy by Mercedes Lackey! I adore this series and the growth that Joy goes through in her life.

Werewolf: The Perfect Book to Read at Night. 

Almost any of Karina Halle’s books in her Experiment in Terror series. I do believe that you have to read them in order. However, if I’m remembering correctly, there are little recaps of what happened in the previous novels.

Frankentstein: A Book that Truly Shocked You. 

I remember being really shocked when I read the ending to The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau.

The Devil: A Dark, Evil Character. 

I seriously can’t think of anyone aside from the Darkling from the Grishaverse, and Voldemort from the HP series.

Grim Reaper: A Character that Should Never Have Died. 

If I’m remembering correctly, there’s a character in the Devouring trilogy by Simon Holt who dies and they totally shouldn’t have died!!

Zombie: A Book that Made You “Hungry” for More. 

Beautiful Decay by Sylvia Lewis is one of the books that come to mind. We see the main character grow exponentially, and we see her defeat the bad guy, but we don’t get much of an after story. I want there to be more!

Gargoyle: A Character that you would protect at all cost. 

I would protect Pen from the novel Era of Undying by Emilie Knight!!

Vampire: A Book that sucked the life out of you. 

A book that sucked the life out of me would have to be the third book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, Dreams of Gods & Monsters. I still haven’t finished the book and it’s been like, 4 years, maybe.

Ghost: A Book that Still Haunts You. 

A book that still haunts me would have to be one that I end up thinking about a lot, yeah?  In that case, The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco definitely haunts me. As well as The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa. There’s eve a book I haven’t read yet and it haunts me: Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows.

Demon: A Book that Really Scared You.

A book that really scared me was the Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2) by Karina Halle. I read that scene, then had chills all over my body and the sense that I wasn’t alone in my room. I ended up turning on a light for a while after that.

Skeleton: A Character You Have a Bone to Pick With. 

HONESTLY, I don’t think about this character that often because I am … over the top, done with Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles. I have never wanted to slap some sense into someone more to be honest.

Mummy: A Book You Would Preserve Throughout Time. 

I can’t help but thinking of my favourite books, and one of my favourite books is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. As much as the time line is talked of, I truly feel like The Night Circus is one of the many timeless books out there. And, it’s a stand alone as well, so I wouldn’t have to worry about choosing a favourite from a series!

Creepy Doll: A Cover too Scary to Look At. 

I mean, I have a few book covers that I don’t really like looking at, but I end up looking at them anyway. Mostly these covers I can’t look at for too long have eyes on them. An example of that is Thirst by Claire Farrell. What really creeps me out is the slightly covered eyes that are just staring at you.

This took way longer than expected, but definitely worth it! Thank you again to both Jamsu and Sarah for tagging me! If I hadn’t been tagged, I don’t think I’d have done this tag, haha.

I tag: 

Sarika @ Between The Pages

Kaira @ Kaira The Book Goddess

Sha @ Moonlight Pages

and you! If you’re interested in doing this tag, you are hereby tagged to do it!

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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