Library Reads #41

libraryrreadsLibrary Reads: I’m a huge fan of libraries. I tend to visit the library quite often, and I even come across great finds. These Library Reads posts are where I write a tad about hte books I’ve borrowed.

In this post I’ll write about what books I borrowed, and what I think of the books before I actually start reading them. Whether what I say is a sentence or a few sentences long, here I catalogue the books I’ve borrowed. — From doing these posts I hope to spread a little love for libraries and the stories they can give us.

Hello friends! Today’s post is another LIBRARY READS! If you’ve read any of these books let me know what you thought of them.

Borrowed within September 2018!

Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back, #2) by A.V. Geiger

I actually borrowed Tell Me No Lies because at the library I thought that Tell Me No Lies was a stand alone, and I for sure thought that Tell Me No Lies wasn’t a sequel. Turns out Tell Me No Lies is the second book to Follow Me Back, which I ended up buying as an e-copy! Nevertheless, I’m curious enough about these two books to sit down and read them. I don’t know what to think aside from the fact that these two are YA Mysteries and they take place both online and in the real world.

Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas, #1) by Zoraida Córdova

I have been looking forward to reading Labyrinth Lost for a while now so I’m happy that the library had both book 1 and 2 in the location that I go to! I expect magic and witches from this story!

Bruja Born (Brooklyn Brujas, #2) by Zoraida Córdova

Bruja Born is the second book to Labyrinth Lost and since I barely know what to expect with Labyrinth Lost, I am at as to what to expect from Bruja Born. Though I do imagine there will be a little bit of strife, simply because BB is the second book to LL.

Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2) by Neal Shusterman

I’ve read Scythe, and I had some really mixed feelings about the book. I enjoyed the plot of the book…just not the characters (if I’m remembering correctly). I do remember saying that I’d hopefully enjoy reading the second book, Thunderhead, more than I did with Scythe.

This Mortal Coil (This Mortal Coil, #1) by Emily Suvada

I’ve been seeing This Mortal Coil all over my timelines recently, so I want to see what the hubbub is about. All I know about This Mortal Coil is that there’s a hacker in this story, and that the genres of this book are YA Sci-Fi/Dystopia. …Hopefully I’ll enjoy reading it.

Of Fire and Stars (Of Fire and Stars, #1) by Audrey Coulthurst

I have been wanting to read Of Fire and Stars back when I first read about it on Netgalley in….early 2016-ish?? I knew though that I wanted to read a physical copy becuase THAT COVER, and because I wanted to read Of Fire and Stars through my library. Plus, I didn’t want to tackle another Advanced Reader Copy. So I suggested Of Fire and Stars as a purchase to the library and they added said book to their catalogue! It’s just taken me forever to request it, heh.

Nightblood (Frostblood Saga #3) by Elly Blake

I’m actually quite excited for Nightblood because I legitimately adore this series. Any book really, where there are characters who can control an element will always have a soft spot in my heart. The more I think back on how Fireblood ended, the more I remember and the more I remember the more my heart breaks a little because of what transpired by the ending of Fireblood. Which only means that Nightblood could be filled with intrigue and plot growth and action scenes.

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

Hooooo boy, I have been looking forward to reading Spinning Silver ever since I first heard about it a year ago! I have heard that people like Spinning Silver more than Uprooted because Spinning Silver is a darker tale than Uprooted was. Frankly, I don’t know what to expect honestly. I’m looking forward to reading Spinning Silver, but I’m also hesitant. I don’t want Spinning Silver to overshadow Uprooted (one of my favourite books!).

Batman: Nightwalker (DC Icons, #2) by Marie Lu

I’m always up for anything DC, and I’m genuinely happy and over-the-moon that the DC crew is being written by authors all around. I don’t know what to expect from Batman, since I never really had a feel for the Batman story myself. I hope to enjoy reading Bruce’s story.

Seafire (Seafire, #1) by Natalie C. Parker

I honestly don’t really know what to expect to find when I read Seafire, since I haven’t actually read the synopsis though. I think there’s some sort of pirates in the story. But I really don’t know what Seafire is about. I’ve heard people claim to like the story, so really I requested Seafire blindly on their recommendations, ha.

Manga Borrowed:

Waiting for Spring Volume 01, by Anashin

Audiobook borrowed:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, Narrated by Jim Dale. — OK, honestly, I loved The Night Circus when I read it, but listening to Jim Dale bring The Night Circus story and characters to life is amazing. I wish I had my own audio-copy of The Night Circus so I could listen to it non-stop.

The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, Narrated by Bronson Pinchot; I have no idea what The Halloween Tree is about, and legitimately borrowed it because it’s Halloween themed.

These are the books that I borrowed in September!

Have you read any of these books? If you have, let me know! I’d love to know your thoughts on the book(s) if you’ve read them — even if you haven’t.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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