Going Down Hard, by Jordan Marie | Book Review #407

Going Down Hard is the first book in the Doing Bad Things series.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your high school crush finally noticed you?
What if it happens 12 years later?

I’ve only loved one man in my life.
Gavin O’Leary.

36039302He made my high school days a nightmare.
Not because he loved me.
Not because he hated me.
But because he had no idea who I was.

He was the popular guy with the chiseled abs, dark tan and perfect hair.
You know the type.
The type that only dated the perfect-ten, cheerleader.

I was the loner.
The nerd who hated high school and couldn’t wait to say goodbye.

And I did — to Freemont High and to Gavin.

The last thing I expected was to see him again twelve years later.
Yet here he is.
Only this time — he notices me.
This time — he kisses me.

This time saying goodbye to Gavin O’Leary might destroy me.

Novella introducing a brand new series. Instant lust that took twelve years to explore. Safe read with an Alpha who knows what he wants and goes after it — HARD.

I actually only heard about Going Down Hard yesterday recently, because Jamsu reviewed it over on their blog. So definitely check out their review (their blog is also pretty good as well).

Within Going Down Hard we read from two points of view. The first character we read from is Casey. At first, we’re given Casey’s POV from when she was back in high school.

The second point of view we read from is Gavin, whom is known to not date anyone, and is more of a player.

Admittedly, the second time we read from Casey is when she’s a grown adult. I genuinely liked reading that prologue from when these two were in high school. Having that prologue written as it was created just enough intrigue to make me want to finish the novel.

I was quite glad to see Casey’s resolve form in the prologue, and then we see Casey as she is in the following chapter, as a grown woman whom has found her passion.

One thing I’ve got to say about Going Down Hard is the fact that Gavin is pure Alpha Male in GDH. I know that there are some people out there in the world where they’re not interested in reading such Alpha Male stories, so if you’re one of those people then I suggest not reading Going Down Hard.

With that said, Going Down Hard is a dramatic book. The story, the plot; and especially the romance, all three move incredibly quickly. I both loved and disliked the pace of this novel.

My reason for not liking the pacing was that the story seemed to be too unreal to me. I know that there are some people out there who move that quickly in their relationships. …I just don’t know anyone like that.

Another thing that I didn’t quite like about Casey and Gavin was the pace of their romantic relationship. Yet for these two the pace of their story worked out pretty well.

There were also parts that were incredibly realistic, but kind of rough to read. I kind of expected this certain part to happen though.

I wish that Going Down Hard was a little longer, to be honest. I would think that if Going Down Hard was a little longer, we would have gotten to know Casey and Gavin both individually, as well as a couple. For the length of their story however, we truly only get a glimpse of them.

I ended up enjoying Going Down Hard more than I thought I would.

Overall, I give Going Down Hard 4 stars.

Have you read Going Down Hard? What’d you think of it?

I actually ended up downloading a copy of this book after I saw that Jamsu had reviewed it. I read it almost right after I downloaded my copy.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

5 thoughts on “Going Down Hard, by Jordan Marie | Book Review #407

  1. jamsu says:

    It made me so happy that one of my reviews made you want to read this. I wish it was longer too because maybe then they would have actually had a great way ‘making up’ instead the way it was written.


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