Children of the Forgotten Gods by Kennedy Daly | {ARC} Book Review #401

**Disclaimer: I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way impacted my review.**

This review contains spoilers.

41323385Trained her entire life to hunt and kill demons, seventeen-year-old Teagan Ronan has always been proud to be training as a Defender for the Shedim. When a training injury sidelines her, she is forced to mentor a new student against her will.

Damien Conroy was raised on the run, hiding from the Shedim authorities. After his mother’s brutal murder, he is captured and forced into the Shedim rank and file. Teagan must struggle to overcome his hostility in order to preserve her grade and her standing in class.

When students start to die, Teagan is forced to admit Damien may not be entirely wrong about the darker side of the Shedim. She needs to figure out who is responsible for the deaths—and if Damien is one of them—before she’s the next casualty.

Publication Date: August 19, 2018.

So I’m a sucker for Myths and Mythology. And when I heard of Children of the Forgotten Gods, I was immediately suckered in by that title. And the synopsis is not too shabby, either. AKA, this is me admitting that I was incredibly interested in reading Children of the Forgotten Gods.

For the most part I really enjoyed Children of the Forgotten Gods. The story in general was fun to read about. I actually honestly liked reading from Teagan and Damien’s point of view. I genuinely enjoyed reading Teagan and Damien’s story, and getting to know them via their individual points of view. They’re both such incredibly different characters who grew so much in the spans of one novel. They’ve both matured in ways that are similar, yet entirely different.

I like how Teagan and Damien kept on denying their feelings for one another to themselves and to each other, when it was so plainly obvious that they’re into one another. So really, it’s like a romance that never even came to fruition. Which is kinda sad when I think about it because these two clearly want to be with one another but don’t talk about their feelings. 

Teagan and Damien are going their different ways (for now) but I hope that if there is ever a second book, that they’ll come back together again and actually do something about their feelings for one another.

While I did enjoy the story and the action and that PLOT TWIST, HOLY CRAP! I didn’t see that plot twist coming at all, it completely came out of the blue. The plot twist actually made a lot of sense when I thought back on one of the characters and their actions.

There are four things about Children of the Forgotten Gods that I didn’t like..

  • The pace of the story is so, so fast. Usually I’ll say that I liked that the story was fast paced. I found myself re-reading parts just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.
  • There’s generally no build up of the story.
  • There wasn’t any definitive ways to see when the scene changed, or when Teagan’s and Damien’s points of view would change to the others. …Though that did get me to pay especially close attention to the story.
  • We were given the minimum of this story’s history. I would have enjoyed this story more if there were more of a history of how life had been like for the generations before Teagan and Damien’s generation were born.

Overall, while I had a slightly difficult time reading the story, I also enjoyed reading Children of the Forgotten Gods. Getting to know Damien and Teagan was delightful as well.

I give Children of the Gods, 3.5 stars.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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