Taunt, by Claire Farrell | Book Review #398

Trigger Warning: Emotional Abuse, Manipulation

This review may contain spoilers.

11431903Taunt is the second book in the Ava Delaney series by Claire Farrell.

Ava needs to forget all about the vampires, but they won’t leave her alone. Between her failing business, angry landlord, disloyal friends, and vampire stalkers, life is starting to feel pretty stressful. When Ava finally deals with her biggest problem, she gets caught up in the chain of events it triggers and is dragged along a path she can’t escape from.

Ava has to figure out exactly what her biggest threat is: the humans, the vampires, the Council—or her true heritage.

I have read Taunt many times before, so my original thoughts are mostly forgotten, but I still remember some of my first impressions.

What I thought of Taunt when I first read it, was that it was great. The story moves fast, and the characters are all pretty much likeable. Which is always something nice to have. The only characters that I didn’t like were Becca, since she’s Becca. I also don’t like Eddie, since he’s manipulative as well. I have a love-hate stance with Peter; since he’s either being a dick or trying to play the hero.

Another character that I don’t like is Ava’s Grandmother. Her Grandma is still emotionally abusive, emotionally manipulative.. As well as physically abusive, even letting other people abuse Ava.

The good thing about this series is that each book moves relatively quickly. You could blink, or not read a paragraph and then find yourself in another chapter of the book.

Something that bothered me this time around was how forced some of the conversations and actions felt. It felt like…really bad acting, honestly.

But! There were some good parts to this novel as well. Like how much the story unveils things about Ava, whether it be Ava personally, her abilities, or her biological history. A lot of truth is revealed.

All in all, I had a good time re-reading Taunt.

I give Taunt, 3 stars. (Though my original rating is 5 stars)

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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