Karneval Omnibus Vol. 02, by Touya Mikanagi | Manga Review #45


This review contains spoilers. 

Stopping by his hometown of Karasuna, Gareki runs into his old friend Tsubame, who asks him to help uncover the truth behind a string of murders that have recently been plaguing the town. Though the crew assumes that the murders were the doing of their mutant quarry, they catch Tsubame’s younger brother, Yotaka, red-handed at the scene of the latest crime. Ordering the bewildered Nai and Gareki to escape, Yogi prepares to do battle with Yotaka, but this is one fight that can only end in heartbreak for Gareki…

I actually really loved the KARNEVAL anime so I’m happy to continue on with the series via the manga. I adore the characters so I was really looking forward to reading this second volume.

I genuinely enjoy the pace of this story, and because of how fast the pace of the story is. I also love the artwork and all the characters are so adorable. Save for a couple, but that’s just personal preference.

I really liked reading this second omnibus simply because of how much I was reminded of the anime where I ended up laughing a lot while watching it.

Also, the Karneval story (both manga and anime!) are pretty wild! So much happens!

It was sad seeing the death of one of the twins happening all over again. And I didnt particularly enjoy watching that moment in the anime, either. However, apart from that, I’m glad that Tsubame ends up getting the care she needed, even if ultimately, she’s going to die at the hands of Circus (that’s just me speculating, I don’t actually know or not).

I also really enjoyed the parts where Nai eats the Zukkyu fruit, simply because it’s so cute. Nai is so cute. Also, the animal-bots that Ship #1 and #2 have are cute, fearsome and just all around awesome as well.

I found this second volume to be very enjoyable.

I give Karneval Omnibus Vol.o2, 4 stars!

Have you read or watched Karneval?

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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