The Shadow Minds Journal, by Kia Carrington-Russell | {ARC} Book Review #391

**Disclaimer: I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way impacted my review.**

Trigger Warning: Attempted Rape, Violence, Blood, Murder, Stalking

40111662New Dark Fantasy Series from International Award Winning Author, Kia Carrington-Russell: The Shadow Minds Journal

In this world, there are creatures lurking in the shadows. As a child, I once played with them. As a teenager, I began to fear them and became victim to their attacks. As an adult, I now realize that no matter how much I try to escape the grasp of this world, I was inevitably born into it.

Now reborn as a Guardian in the year of 2986, Vivian Lair must uphold the treaty between Angels and Demons on the human world and city of Shabeah. Contracted to seven demons who she can shift into while taking direct orders from the Underworld Lord, Haymen, it wasn’t exactly her ideal rebirth. Involving herself with the Angel of War, Gabe is even worse.

Still fighting those who try to possess her during her sleep, Vivian must now record and try to hunt the Volv through the Shadow Minds Journal. Now stuck between the hatred and lust of two of the most powerful entities in all worlds, Vivian is involved inevitably in the upcoming conflict.

Blood. Lust. War. She must kill before being killed.

Publication Date: August 06, 2018.

Please note that The Shadow Minds Journal is a Dark Fantasy, and is in no way shape or form, a Young Adult novel. 

I was attracted to this novel because of the cover. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a newly published book that looked like, or is similar to the cover for The Shadow Minds Journal. The…creature..person…thing looks like a doll and that’s another reason why I wanted to found out more about the book. 

When I started reading the novel I didn’t really know what to expect because The Shadow Minds Journal isn’t a YA novel. There are no mentions of teenagers in this novel. Off-hand for a minute here, I find that because there are literal no mentions of teenagers in this book, it’s a little odd, seeing as how there are teenagers everywhere. Everywhere.

Back on topic though, there are 3 points of view in this novel: Vivian, who we mostly read from for the majority of the book, Gabe; who we read the second most of, and lastly we read from Haymen. A quick blurb about all the characters: Vivian is more than what meets the eye in every encounter. People know what to expect from her, but that doesn’t stop her opponents from trying their best. Gabe, born an angel seems to have that stereotypical hero-superiority complex to him. And lastly, Haymen whom is the Demon Lord and frankly the Worst Piece of Shit Ever. Like, that title is tame to what he actually is.

The Shadow Minds Journal takes place far in the future. So far that living alongside literal demons and angels is the norm and no one questions it. The year that The Shadow Minds Journal takes place in is 2986 — a little under a thousand years from now. It’s kinda wild knowing what year this story takes place in, honestly. A few minutes of reading the first chapter is when I found out that yes, this story takes place a long, long time from now, and then I had an “Ohhhhh, ok” moment.

Throughout this book, we keep finding that Vivian is in the middle of something, but she nor we, find out what that is. There always seems to be this game going on–this tug of war / possession of Vivian’s body + life that genuinely pissed me off. It also pissed of Vivian, for good measure, since it’s her life ‘n’ all.

I knew that I would end up liking this book because Vivian herself says that what’s happening is paranormal in her world. So that was like, a paranormal-ception, since this book is fantasy/paranormal itself.

Nearing the end of this book, I was actually surprised at the Angel-Demon almost-romance that went on. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you read the book. I can’t say it was a romance, because what happened between Vivian and Gabe was most definitely not a romance story—but then again, this book takes place almost a thousand years in the future.

Overall though, I really enjoyed reading The Shadow Minds Journal. I went into reading this book with half-a-mind to expect to not like Vivian and Co‘s story. However, I ended up really enjoying it. The story isn’t a typical Evil vs Good. The line between the two is blurred, and while there are Rules that Demons and Angels alike must follow, that doesn’t stop people from doing what they do best: breaking those rules.

The story moves incredibly quickly: one of the things that I enjoyed immensely and why I finished the book. We aren’t overpowered the world’s history since technically, this story does take place in our world. I also like how easily swept up in the story I was. I ended up reading The Shadow Minds in two sittings, which is great.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the action. I do love a good fight sequence in the stories I read and The Shadow Minds Journal did not disappoint. I also loved how seamlessly Vivian shifted between her demon counterparts.

With how The Shadow Minds Journal ended, I’m genuinely looking forward to the next book.

TL;DR: I started The Shadow Minds Journal not expecting to like it at all, ended up liking it more than I should have. A Dark Fantasy filled with lots of action, the story is not overly gory, I ended up reading The Shadow Minds Journal faster than anticipated. Definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a Non-YA Dark Fantasy.

I give The Shadow Minds Journal, 4 stars.

I am most definitely looking forward to the next book.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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