Dawn of the Arcana Volume 03, by Rei Tōma | Manga Review #39

12349654Princess Nakaba of Senan is forced to marry Prince Caesar of the enemy country Belquat, tantamount to becoming a hostage. While Caesar is pleasing to the eye, he is also selfish and possessive, telling Nakaba outright: “You are my property.” With only her attendant Loki at her side, Nakaba must find a way to cope with her hostile surroundings, her fake marriage…and a mysterious power!

Princess Nakaba of Senan and Prince Caesar of Belquat only married each other for the sake of peace between their two warring countries, so no one expected there to be love between the unlikely couple. Nakaba is starting to warm to Caesar, however, and her attendant Loki doesn’t like this one bit. Are Loki and Caesar destined to be enemies? And how does Nakaba’s power, the Arcana of Time, fit into all this?

I know I say this about every other manga review I write, but I genuinely kind of forgot what happened in the second volume. However! Reading the different volumes is like going on a different adventure with every volume I read. Same characters, same overall story, yet a new adventure every time.

I went into reading this third volume kind of remembering what happened in the second volume. Nevertheless, this story is a great one to read, and I enjoyed what happens in this one! I especially liked learning more of the Arcana.

One of the things I liked in this 3rd volume was that Caesar stood up for his wife (Nakaba) to his King Father and Queen Mother. Which is no small feat since everyone in the Belquat kingdom, save for Caesar himself, seems to hate Princess Nakaba.

I am enjoying the fact that Nakaba is trying her damndest to not fall in love with Caesar, yet her heart isn’t listening at all.

Seeing what Nakaba can do with the Arcana is amusing. I wonder what her powers will grow into, and how effective her seeing will be. Seeing Nakaba work through her own thoughts was entertaining, and honestly, a little sad as well. Like, I don’t like seeing Nakaba sad because she’s usually a bright girl.

Seeing the secrets of Belquat was puzzling, because now the reader (and the characters) know what is really going on.

What happens at the end of this book is something that I adore about this series. — I enjoy getting to see Caesar act like a normal kid. I don’t actually know how old these characters are, but I do know that they’re highly entertaining and that I’m enjoying getting to know their stories.

This Akhil character is interesting. I wonder how his character will play out for the rest of the series.

My overall thoughts on this third volume is that the story seems to be making smooth progress. Of course there are bumps and lumps throughout the story to make things interesting, but I’m enjoying those as well.

I give Dawn of the Arcana Volume 03, 3.5 stars!

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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