Konohan Kitan Volume 01, by Sakuya Amano | {ARC} Manga Review #33

Huge Thanks to Diamond Book Distributors, via Netgalley for allowing me to read Konohan Kitan Volume 01, by Sakuya Amano, in exchange for an honest review.

Yuzu is a brand new employee at Konohanatei, the hot-springs inn that sits on the crossroads between worlds. A simple, clumsy but charmingly earnest girl, Yuzu must now figure out her new life working alongside all the other fox-spirits who run the inn under one cardinal rule – at Konohanatei, every guest is a god!

Konohana Kitan follows Yuzu’s day to day life working at the inn, meeting the other employees and ever-eclectic guests, and learning to appreciate the beauty of the world around her.

The fact that the inn cliental are all gods is simply fascinating. Which is one of the reasons why I read this manga, truthfully! When I started reading Konohan Kitan, I kept my mind open to the possibilities of everything — I didn’t want to expect anything. I wanted to like this volume, I truly did.

When I first read about Konohan Kitan, I knew that there was a chance that I could end up enjoying it. I got the chance to read Konohan Kitan, so I was excited. I like reading manga, and watching anime. I have a serious soft spot for anime/manga where there are fox characters. And just reading that the Konohanatei Inn is run by fox characters was very appealing to me!

Within this first volume we see a lot. We see how the fox characters interact with the cliental, and with us seeing that, we see their stories play out. I especially liked seeing the few mini stories. It was such a great thing to see. The way that the story plays out almost had me in tears a few times. I like to say that that doesn’t happen often!

The first chapter of Konohan Kitan actually gave me chills. Not in the creepy sense, more-so in an eye-opening way. The way that the second chapter played out was amazing, and a great way to see how the rest of the story went.

Yuzu is such a great character. She seems to innocent about everything so I know that she’ll become a favourite of mine. I also really like how clueless she is about a lot of things as well, and she’s a bit of an airhead as well. Yuzu is seriously charming and over-the-top cute!!

Seeing in this story, of all the ways that fate seems to work, either against us, or for us…It was great to see. I loved all the little stories and visitors that the Konohanatei Inn had, and I know I’ll enjoy the rest of the volumes as well. There’s so much that I loved about Konohan Kitan. I’m anticipating the release of the second volume!

I give Konohan Kitan Volume 01, 5 stars!

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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