GHOST (Lords of Carnage MC, #1), by Daphne Loveling | Quick Book Review #363

Trigger Warning:
Foul Langauge,
Murder (Self Defence),

They call me Ghost for a reason. Silent and in the shadows, I don’t make my move until I am absolutely sure of everything.
Four years ago I was sure about Jenna. My best friend’s kid sister had grown up into a spitfire I couldn’t resist.
One night we stopped resisting…
We promised we’d keep it a secret. It was a one-time mistake, but we’d put it behind us. Jenna left but I kept my word.
Jenna tried to get out of our corrupt town, but it pulled her back in again. Now she needs help. She needs protection. I’ll do all of that for her, if she’ll just shut the hell up and let me. She can even keep all of her secrets, except for one…

The Lords of Carnage MC has haunted me from the moment I was born. No matter how much I try to get away, they are there — waiting to pull me back into the life that stole my father, my mother and then my brother from me. The ghosts of my past keep rising from the dead.
Now the past is stirring again and all I want to do is run away. I’m back in the world I fled, and the secrets and lies of my whole family are about to be laid bare. But it’s not just me anymore. I’ve got my little boy to look out for, too. I’m his only family. And his father has no idea he exists.
I swore I would never go back to the MC. I swore I would never make the same mistakes again. But making mistakes with Casper Watkins is too hard to resist…

GHOST is a scorching-hot stand-alone romance, and the first book in the new Lords of Carnage MC series. Ghost has NO cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA!

GHOST (Lords of Carnage, #1) by Daphne Loveling, is NOT a YA novel. Ghost is strictly an 18+ or older book. There are detailed sex scenes, and this book is marketed as a Romance novel.

GHOST was a book that I happened to come across in a quick email blurb. Once I read that the Lords of Carnage series is a series that has a motorcycle club as it’s main focus, I immediately became interested. And thus downloaded GHOST without much thought.

There are two points of view within GHOST, as you could probably tell from the synopsis.  Both Cas and Jenna have their own unique thought process and ways of living their lives. Though I’m quite happy that these two had a fairly good ending.

Jenna and Cas have a bound-to-be romance. Their romance is not exactly slow burning, as they have history that takes place prior to when GHOST actually starts. However, Jenna and Cas’s relationship is something else. Their sex life is, simply put, explosive.

Over all I found that GHOST was a cute story and frankly, I’m genuinely looking forward to reading the other books in the Lords of Carnage MC series.

If you want a book that is a fast read, has smut, romance, and more then I definitely recommend GHOST (Lords of Carnage MC, #1) to you!

I give GHOST (Lord of Carnage, #1), 3 stars.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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