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Lately all that has been on my mind is “Dragons Dragons Dragons!” If you know me, then you know that I love all things about the paranormal, all things supernatural, and all things fantasy. Which includes Dragons.

What actually started this hunt for dragon novels was Before She Ignites. I got to thinking that there were definitely more dragon novels out there. However, I wanted to accumilate some titles slowly, so I could remember them. I didn’t want to gather a bunch of titles, add them to my TBR list and then forget.

Yet, somehow, over the last few months I’ve gathered 5 titles to briefly talk about. Some titles I’ve known of for a few years, others much more recently. So without further ado,

Here are 5 DRAGON novels that I’m excited to read:


17331828I had previously thought, for some reason, that Talon‘s main character was a male. Looking at the synopsis for Talon, the main character is female whose name is Ember Hill. Which is a great name to have in my opinion. Very dragon-y. I’m very much looking forward to reading how Ember blends in with society.

What I’m not looking forward to is that there might be two points of view, with this second POV being told from Garret. However, I’m curious to see how Garret deals with his feelings towards Ember, since he’s supposed to hunt her down.

With Talon being the first book in a 5 book series that make up the Talon series, I’m sure that I’ll have a blast reading them all!


Before She Ignites is actually the reason why I went on this Dragon-themed book hunt. I wondered if there were more Dragon books out there (there are). I know next to nothing about this book, save the fact that the main character can somehow communicate with these dragons, and that people may fear her for being able to, and that the main character has to save someone/something.

Before She Ignites is the first in a trilogy called, the Fallen Isles.


22591993I believe that the first time I heard about Going Down In Flames (GDIF) was actually only a few days ago (as I’m writing this). I don’t know too much about GDIF aside from the fact that the main character is called a crossbreed in the story.

I believe that there are two points of view in Going Down In Flames. The first from Bryn, who only just learned about her shape-shifting ability on her sixteenth birthday. While the second point of view is from Zavien, who is tired of the Council’s rules.

With mentioning of a Council in the synopsis, I just know that there is going to be some drama in Going Down In Flames!


Prophecy has been in my kobo app waiting to be read for literal years. I kept on forgetting about it, but now that I know that Prophecy has dragons in the story you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be reading Kira’s story!

From the synopsis: ‘Intrigue and mystery, ancient lore and action-packed fantasy come together in this heart-stopping first book in a trilogy.‘ I’m just that more amped to read Prophecy.


113436Eragon is undoubtedly a book that I’ve had my mind’s eye on, ever since I could remember. Since Eragon was published back in ’05, and I was only 11 years old, I didn’t have too much interest in it. I was a very active child around that age, so reading wasn’t really my thing (I know, gasp). Every so often I’ll see mentioning’s of Eragon, which would put a little marker in my head like “Don’t forget about this one!” So now that I’ve made a post with Eragon in it, hopefully I’ll actually get around to reading said story instead of putting it off like I have for the last 4-5 years.

I know little to nothing about Eragon, so I would appreciate no spoilers, thank-you!


What quickly came to my attention in making this post is that I actually have the first 4 books I mentioned, in my possession. So I can get to reading these right away! I’m very excited, and yes, Eragon will have to wait a little bit longer, but I don’t mind. A little wait never hurt anybody.

Have you read any books with dragons as the main theme? I know that Leigh Bardugo’s Seige and Storm has an Ice Dragon in its’ story, but since it’s not the main theme of the book, I’m leaving that out (plus I’ve already read it)

Are there any books that you think I’ve missed out on?
Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for stopping by!

— Adele

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