Dreamin’ Sun Volume 04, by Ichigo Takano | Manga Review #26


This review will contain spoilers.

Zen’s finally confessed his feelings to Shimana! Unfortunately, while she wants to help him pursue his dreams, she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Shimana’s got her own unreturned feelings to deal with, because she’s crushing on the landlord, who treats her just like a child. Determined to get closer, Shimana gets a hold of his high school yearbook — and makes some surprising discoveries.

I actually read volume 04 on my way back to the library to return this copy, and another book that I had. I didn’t get to write down my notes, so I’m sorry if this review is a little messy + I’m writing this from memory.

Volume 04 was one heck of a read honestly! There’s a lot that happened, a lot of good things, and a few things that shouldn’t have happened in my opinion.

I like that Ken achieved his dream, and that what’s going to follow will spark Zen’s ambition to follow his own dream.

I liked that Shimana confessed her feelings towards her new crush, so hopefully she’ll get over that crush sooner and be with Zen. I ship Shimana x Zen okay!!! Hahaha.

Seeing Taiga-san as a high schooler was interesting to see. I just wonder how that will play out in the volumes following this one.

There are some secrets that some of the character have that haven’t been completely revealed yet. All of which makes me want to read the next volumes as soon as I can. I’m so wrapped up in this series now, ha.

I give this fourth volume 3 stars.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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