Dreamin’ Sun Volume 03, by Ichigo Takano | Manga Review #24


33946210When Shimana runs off into a rainstorm, the last person she expects comes to her rescue: Zen! When he gets a fever the next day, Shimana feels responsible and offers to nurse him back to health. While caring for him, she learns that eh’s been hiding something from her—-but that’s not the only surprise he has in store for her. Zen’s got a confession to make and it’s getting harder and harder for him to keep it under wraps. 

In this 3rd volume, we see Shimana in some very different situations. We see her own up to her mistakes. I’ve figured out that in this manga series, while they still revolve around Shimana, the books show more focus on the character that is on the cover. Which is incredibly interesting, since we still get Shimana’s point of view—-her story, as well as having focus on another character at the same time.

I liked seeing Shimana take care of Zen. And to see Zen sick was pretty adorable! The introduction to Zen’s older brother, Ken, was great as well. Poor Zen!! Gosh, I hope Zen and Shimana go out in one of these volumes..

I REALLY LIKE THIS VOLUME, OK?? Like, there are so many emotions that flow in the story, but I feel like in this volume especially, the feelings are amplified ’cause they’re being talked about.

I’m actually really looking forward to reading the fourth volume, I want to see if Ken follows his dream! It’d be amazing for Ken to win, and it’d be amazing for Zen to see his older brother follow his dream, since Zen wants to so desperately follow his own dreams.

Ahaha, I didn’t know that in this manga there was a little game you could play. Apparently the game is to find this dog named Poko, and in this volume he was hidden 6 different times. I found him 4 times, so I wonder where the other two Poko’s are.

I give this volume 4.5 stars!

What was the last manga that you read? 

Happy Reading!

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