Dreamin’ Sun Volume 02, by Ichigo Takano | Manga Review #22


Home Is Where the Heart Is

When Shimana fails to work up the courage to ask Asashi out on a date, she decides it’s time to get a makeover as part of her self-improvement plan. But when she calls Asashi to come check out her new look, she’s too preoccupied with his own crush to pick up the phone. Is her transformation all for nothing? And what are those weird heart palpitations Zen’s getting every time he looks at Shimana? It’s a full house of unrequited love and self-discovery in volume 2 of this slice-of-life romance!

Zen is seriously so freakin’ cute. I want to just pinch his cheeks and tell him he’s a good boy! I totally ship Shimana and Zen together!!

One thing that sticked out to me a lot in this second volume, was the fat-shaming towards Shimana. Actually, I see this a lot fat-shaming in both manga and anime. I hate seeing it and that’s the number one thing that I hate seeing in Japanese culture. I don’t like seeing excessive thinness as a good thing in manga’s (nor in anime). I don’t like the fat-shame-ing, either. Frankly, it pisses me off.

Apart from that, for the most part, this second volume is another cute as heck! I laughed a lot and i’m genuinely looking forward to reading the next volume.

I give this second volume 3 stars.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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