[DNF] Searching, by C.S. Johnson | {ARC} Book Review #330

A huge thank you to BooksGoSocial; via Netgalley, for allowing me to read Searching, by C.S. Johnson in exchange for an honest review. 


There is no surrendering your will without giving up your heart. 

Long before she took up the title of Starry Knight, Raiya Cole knew she was different. Ever since she survived the car crash that killed her parents, the truth about her supernatural powers—and her destiny as a fallen Star—shaped her life, preparing her for a battle she knew would come one day. With the help of Grandpa Odd, her beloved mentor, Raiya works to maintain control over her power and train as a Starlight Warrior.

But the battle she prepared for is not the first one she must face.

As her seventh grade year begins, Raiya’s resolve is put to the test when her power unexpectedly—and exponentially—grows, threatening the fragile life she has managed to build over the last six years.  Can Raiya embrace a duty that demands not only her life, but her heart as well? Can she survive paying the price that comes with her power?

“Searching” is the prequel to The Starlight Chronicles, an epic fantasy adventure series for teens and young adults from C. S. Johnson.

Publication date: December 31, 2017.

What makes Searching different is that in Searching the main character knows she has to face a battle—-she has apparently been prepparing her whole life for it. — Another thing that makes this book different is that the main character, Raiya is younger than the usual 15, 16-18 years most YA characters are. She’s actually 13 years old. Which makes this book a middle school/ really young YA book.

Before I get into anything else, I just want to say that I genuinely and honestly wanted to like Searching. I feel so bad that I couldn’t get more into the novel..

Reasons why I stopped reading:

  • I couldn’t connect with the story, or the characters.
  • Some parts of the story, i.e. the wings, is for some reason, truly unbelievable to me
  • I found the writing, and this prequel to the series feels forced.
  • At times the story was kind of predictable.

Overall, I couldn’t get into the book when I really wanted to.

I give Searching 2 stars.

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