Dreamin’ Sun, Vol.01 by Ichigo Takano | Manga Review #18


30989347While loitering in the park, Shimana Kameko, who intended to run away from home and skipped school, meets a suspicious man in a kimono. This man, who had been locked out of his house, offers Shimana a place to stay. However, he requests she fulfill three conditions in exchange for her tenancy?!

(Translater: Amber Tamosaitis)

While I borrowed the first 4 volumes on a whim, I’m actually glad that I borrowed them! I doubted that I would like Dreamin’ Sun prior to reading it, but I was up for it because the artwork is pretty cute.

Dreamin’ Sun was such a fun read for me. I haven’t laughed that much while reading a manga before. The story is a cute and fun read that I am absolutely continuing on with the rest of the volumes.

Dreamin’ Sun‘s first chapter is actually pretty funny. While the main character Shimana, has problems with her family, she runs away and finds a new home with boys from her school, with a landlord whom is 21. The first chapter is also when we get to know the characters with their introductions and whatnot.

After the first chapter the story revealed something that I didn’t think would happen and had me laughing even more. Shimana’s reaction to what happens.. Oh man. They’re hilarious. And, holy shit ALTER-EGO, MUCH?? Hahahaha.

I’m really looking forward to reading the next volumes. Dreamin’ Sun was a fun ‘n’ cute read that had me laughing a lot. I also liked getting to know the characters and finding out whom likes who.

Dreamin’ Sun has 5 stars from me!

Have you read Dreamin’ Sun before? If you haven’t, I suggest that you do!

Happy Reading!

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