Book UnHaul #2

Whoops! This Unhaul is so old! I’ve gotten rid of these books for sure now.

I’ve read these books, and have kept them on my shelves for a while now; sometimes years at a time. However, I don’t think I’m ever going to re-read them. If I do end up re-reading these books, it will have been via my borrowing the book from the library, or I’d have bought the book in e-format. So the only pliable option is to get rid of them. Yay for shelf space!

Here are the books I’m going to be getting rid of:

  • 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher; I read it, and ultimately did not enjoy the book. The story glorifies putting your problems on other people as well as glorifies suicide. — In my eyes anyway. I’m glad to see this one go.
  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell; While I somewhat enjoyed the story, I didn’t overall really like the book. There is no love lost with this one!
  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl; I’ve read the book, and while I did enjoy it, I know I’m not going to get re-read the story anytime soon. If I do re-read the book, I can either purchase it as an ebook, or borrow a copy from the library.
  • Switched by Amanda Hocking; I read Switched and it wasn’t at all like I thought it would be, unfortunately. However, I’m going to read the rest of the trilogy first to see if they’re any different. (In my last book unhaul post, I gave away another copy of Switched)
  • The Testing by Joelle Charbonnaeu; I actually really loved this book, but I know that I won’t be buying the second book anytime, ever, since I’ve really put myself on a book buying ban. Saying that, I more than likely won’t be re-reading The Testing either. So really, The Testing was just taking up space on my shelf.
  • Paper Towns by John Green; I knew that there was a huge chance that I wouldn’t like this book, yet when I finished reading Paper Towns I found that PT was a huge disappointment. No love will be lost when I give this book away.
  • Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz & Michael Johnston; I actually liked a bit of this book! For a while the book was interesting and I wanted to know more about this world. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but not long after the book became interesting the book turned into a book that bored me.

What are some books that you’ve gotten rid of recently?

Happy Reading!

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