The Wild Herald, by Ron C. Nieto | Book Review #323

The Wild Hunt is the third and final book to The Wild Hunt.
Therefore, this review might contain spoilers.

FullSizeRenderLily must continue to play the game, and the stakes are even greater as it finally comes to a close. But when all is said and done, does she have the winning hand?

She thought she was playing the Unseelie Court for her own ends; however, Lily was nothing but a pawn of the Seelie courtier, Cadowain. The fallout is devastating, but she can’t afford to mourn for her mistakes.

The most powerful weapon known to fay and men alike is on its way to the Seelie Queen, and the upcoming war is on Lily’s head. Worse, she might not live long enough to regret it if the Unseelie Queen decides to judge her for her trickery before the battle is joined.

Fay know no mercy, but they love their games. Lily is now the Herald, and her fate lies with the Wild Hunt. If she can master it, she might be able to outplay them all. The key is the Wild Horn.

Troy, the Unseelie Trickster, is on her side. Marast, the Unseelie Hunter, is still under the compulsion that makes him protect her. But will they be enough to trick the Seelie Court and hunt down the Wild Horn before it is too late?

I had no idea what to expect when I started reading The Wild Herald. In comparison to how I feel now as to when I first started the book, well, I feel like a very, very tired human.

Seeing as how The Wild Herald is quite a few pages longer than the two previous books, I wasn’t surprised that there was a lull in the story where an ending could have been. I was actually kind of startled by the slower part of the story since the last two books are fast paced.

Saying that, I’ve got to say that there are quite a few fast paced scenes that were very interesting! I dare say that The Wild Herald is the better of the three books. The Wild Herald was quite interesting. There were so many exciteing things that happened within The Wild Herald. I’m glad that there are certain characters that got what they deserved (and then some), while there were a few characters that mourned others.

29964319-2It was so easy for me to visualize the story.

There were some sexy-schmexy times, but the scenes never got too graphic. There’s making out and some biting.

The end to this series honestly shocked me. I legitimately had an “oh shit!” moment. It absolutely broke me. I almost immediately broke out ugly crying when I read that Lily had been gone for 7 years, when for Lily, she had only been gone what I figure would be….a few months. A year at most.

I liked the sense of finality that I had after I finished reading The Wild Herald. It’s rare when I find an ending that good. Even though I know the story has ended on my part, I can always come back and revisit the story and the characters again. And I probably will.

In the end, Lily saved so many lives. At the same time though, the cost of saving everyone she lost so much. I liked at the end though Lily was finally able to grieve her Grandmother.

It’s weird how that in so many fae books usually, in some aspect big or small, there’s usually something that deals with time.

I give The Wild Herald 5 stars!

Have you read The Wild Herald? 

Happy Reading!

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