January ’18 OwlCrate Unboxing | Fearsome Fairy Tales

IMG_5551If you don’t want to be spoiled by anything (even though this box is now a month old), then just know that I was very pleased by the box. The book, too, was truly entertaining.

Hello everyone! This isn’t my first OwlCrate box that I’ve gotten, so I’m used to the groove of how things go. However this is my first time reviewing any sort of book themed box, so please bear with me!

What was in January’s OwlCrate box?

The theme for January 2018, was Fearsome Fairy Tales.

Just like everyone else, I didn’t know what was in the box until I opened mine. I was really surprised! There were quite a few things that I didn’t expect at all. Namely the book and the pillow case!

There’s usually a candle in every box. The last few I’ve gotten have had candles. While we didn’t exactly get a candle this month, we actually received a wax melt by Spireside Candles! The scent theme/smell is Hansel and Gretel. Unfortunately, I don’t really like Wax Melts all that much. Some candles are too strong for me to have burning/melting for long. The Hansel and Gretel wax melt scent is too overpowering for me personally. Though they do smell nice in passing! I’m reminded of a gingerbread house, and Christmas whenever I open up the wax melt package. A gingerbread house is something that I never thought I’d smell in my lifetime — or ever, really!

However…We can use the ceramic burner as an essential oil burner-thingy. Which I’ve been curious about for quite some time! I never went out and bought one because they’re somewhat expensive! So I’m glad I have one now. As I’m typing this out I’m actually trying out a lavender essential oil that I bought a few years ago with the OwlCrate ceramic burner. It’s lovely!

The handmade bracelet that came this month is quite cute! The bracelet is Rapunzel themed, made by Authored Adornments.

The pillow case that came this month was a huge surprise! It’s literally too pretty for me to use to sleep with, so I’ll have to find a pillow that I can use as a decorative piece. I genuinely love it though, so I’m not giving it away, haha. Pillowcase designed by Stella’s Bookish Art!

The artwork included in Fearsome Fairy Tales is delightful. I love Little Red Riding Hood, so I’m a genuine fan of Anne Lambelet‘s piece!

IMG_5462The book for Fearsome Fairy Tales was The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, with an exclusive cover, just for OwlCrate! I knew that I wanted to buy The Cruel Prince. Even though the original cover is pretty good, I love the OwlCrate version of the cover. In my eyes, the throne and the crown are much more meaningful than just the crown hanging from a branch. I love the exclusive cover, and incredibly glad that I’ve read the book! Prior to receiving and reading The Cruel Prince, I wasn’t actually sure if I’d end up buying the book or not. I thought I’d read the book via the library and just be done with it. Yet when I opened the package and saw what January’s book was, I was incredibly relieved.

Here’s my review of The Cruel Prince, if you’re interested!

I also really enjoyed reading the author’s note as well as a sticker (I think?) that has a quote from The Cruel Prince. The pin is cute as well.

Here’s everything in one picture: you can see the art piece featured this month in the bottom right corner.


Each box I receive seems to get better and better. Have you ever gotten a OwlCrate before? I confess that I don’t usually have enough time to read the OwlCrate books, so I’m incredibly glad that I read The Cruel Prince! I’m glad that I was in the mood to read a YA Fantasy.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Reading, lovelies!
— Adele

[EDIT: P.S. I literally just found out that my copy is signed! Amazing. I didn’t even notice until I stuck the sticker in the book! Hahahaha.]

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