Venturess, by Betsy Cornwell | Book Review #314

Venturess is the second book to Mechanica.
Therefore, this review might contain spoilers

IMG_5189Happily ever after is just the beginning.

Nicolette’s Cinderella story is over, and she’s finally living her own fairy tale happy ending. She’s a successful inventor now, free of her horrible stepfamily, and content in her loving friendship with Caro, a palace servant, and Fin, the prince of Esting.

Then she receives a message from her long-lost housekeeper, now a revolutionary, begging her to bring the prince to Faerie for a diplomatic meeting. Nicolette fears a trap, but decides that the chance to end the bloody war waged by their kingdom is worth the risk.

Together with Fin and Caro, she ventures across the monster-filled ocean to the lush continent she’s always dreamed of visiting. There, mechanical armies and dark magic await as they uncover devastating secrets about the past and fight for a real, lasting happily-ever-after for two troubled countries—and themselves.

Hello! Today’s post is my review of Venturess, by Betsy Cornwell.
If you’ve read this book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Believe it or not, but I didn’t plan on truly reading Venturess.. I didn’t know what to expect when I read Venturess; I thought I’d give it a try and then move on. Now that I’ve actually read the book though, I’m fairly glad that I chose to sit down and read it. 

What a whirlwind this sequel was. The story did not go the way I thought it would at all. Which is a great thing since predictable stories aren’t always that good. Venturess may be Cornwell’s best writing yet!

‘Together four of the insects alighted on the jug, two on the handle and two on the base, and counterbalancing each other, they tipped it forward so that iced water poured smoothly into a waiting goblet. After they set down the jug, the gripped the edges of the cup’s lip and lifted it slowly, laboriously, into the air, then brought it to me.’

I love the fact that just in general, I couldn’t predict anything from this book. There are some things that may be revealed in the next book, but until I get my hands on a copy of 30971784the book, I don’t know what will happen. Otherwise, everything that I did predict didn’t come true. Which I’ve said: I’m so thankful for. An unpredictable book proves to be an entertaining book, and what an entertaining book Venturess was!

I love whatever Fin, Caro and Nick have. I love that they choose to not define it beyond that they’re each others chosen family. I also love that there’re diverse characters in this novel. I enjoyed knowing that there were some WLW characters, and I love that there were MLM characters as well. There are also non-binary characters as well and ! I love love love Venturess.

I’m glad that I actually caught when the story used the word ‘venturess‘ for the first time. When I read that I thought to myself “Oh, now the story really begins.” And it did! The journey that Nick goes on was great to read about and to live through Nick’s eyes through it all was just…breathtaking.

‘When the waterline reached the bottom of his belly, he reared up, throwing out his wings to their full span. [He] gleamed up in the moonlight and the silver traces of dawn, casting spray around him like pearls.
He plunged forward, all courage and grace.’

Of course there are some things that I won’t mention because they absolutely broke my heart, but, nevertheless, I wonder at how Nick’s story will continue–if it does.

There was something that happened in this story that was finally revealed. This revealing still had me kind of shocked, but at the same time it was almost…obvious, I guess. I feel that because this book is a Fantasy book I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t and that just makes the truth that much harder to expect.

I’m also glad that the antagonist got what happened to him. He literally had it coming at him. I don’t feel bad for him at all–can you tell I never liked his character? Unfortunately he was important in the story *eye-roll.*

My last thoughts of Venturess, is that Nick’s story is one that is going to leave an impression on me. I know I won’t forget Nicolette’s Cinderella story anytime soon. Venturess is a truly enjoyable read. If there’s going to be a Book 3, know that I’m going to be shouting from the rooftops and alleyways.

I give Venturess, 4 of 5 stars on GoodReads.

Have you read any on Betsy Cornwell’s works? 

Thanks for reading!

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