TBR #46; Unexpected Illness

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.22.37 PMWelcome, reader/s! For a while now, I’ve been writing a bi-weekly post about books that are on
my TBR. TBR, if you don’t know is the abbreviation for To Be Read. My goal here is to shed some light on books that I’ve otherwise forgotten about. These books could be books I’ve been meaning to read from the library, or books that have been collecting dust on my shelves at home. My goal though is to say a little about the book and also give a little reasoning of why I want to read them. In hopes of reading them sooner than later. 

The TBR for this week is actually two books that are both Contemporaries! Weehoo! I’ve been meaning to read both of these books for….a while now. Hah! One of the books has been on my shelf for literal years while the other is fairly new to my shelves (bought within the last year/8 months or so).

The first book I’ll be talking about is Zac & Mia by A.J. Betts.

IMG_5182I was gifted Zac & Mia by my cousin about 2 or 3 years ago. I’ve always wanted to read it, but I never seem to get around to actually doing so. Not only is the cover simplistically pretty, but the synopsis is great as well.

The two main characters are pretty much characters who are opposites from each other.

What draws me to Zac & Mia is that their story is really a story that’s like, romance from opposite sides of the track. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for these types of stories.

I’m glad that Zac & Mia is told in alternating views between the two of them. I’m excited to find out what really goes down. I wonder if they eventually end up as a couple, or if they just stay friends. — There are so many what if‘s. I really need my questions answered…

What I hope will happen in Zac & Mia is that these two will get to know each other. If there’s any outsider interference (aka, their friends telling them to break up or something) I hope they stand up for themselves and the other person. I also want them to end up together, but, I’m getting my hopes up too quickly. I don’t even know what their personalities are like!

The second book I’ll be talking about is The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson!

IMG_5180I hope I get around to reading The Unexpected Everything before the summer gets here. Just by reading the synopsis for TUE, I can tell that there’s a lot of intrigue. The synopsis is incredibly vague, and that just makes the book seem that more interesting to me.

I wonder what the scandal is? I also wonder if we get to know the scandal almost right away, or if we have the before, and then we get to know what the scandal is, and then we have the after of it all. Nevertheless, this book has tons of dogs, so I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

What I hope will happen in The Unexpected Everything is that we find out what the scandal is, first of all. Secondly, I hope we find out what happens between Andie and Clark. Will Clark give her free scoops of ice cream because he has a crush on her? Who knows?! I wont, until I read it.

I’ve read two of Morgan Matson’s books before and I really enjoyed both of them. So, hopefully, The Unexpected Everything will be an enjoyable read for me as well.

If you’ve read either of these books, let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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