The Cain Saga, Vol. 1 by, Kaori Yuki | Manga Book Review #07




Born under an evil moon harboring dark secrets, Earl Cain C. Hargreves, the youthful heir of the aristocratic Hargreves family, is a man on a quest to find the truth about his family’s past. Written in dark, harrowing episodes, The CAIN Saga chronicles how Cain solves the strange crimes that seem to plague his cursed existence, yet somehow bring him closer to deciphering the puzzling circumstances surrounding his father’s tragic death.

Five gripping stories of love, friendship and betrayal–“Forgotten Juliet,” “Branded Bibi,” “The Youths Who Stopped Time,” “Double,” and “The Death of Cleo”–comprise this poignant first installment of Kaori Yuki’s hit gothic manga series. Gothic fans will be left in awe long after this series has ended!

Here is my review of The Can Saga, Vol. 1 by Kaori Yuki, Akira Watanabe.

When I first saw this book at the library, I had an inkling that I wouldn’t like it. And yes, the artwork was a big factor in my thinking that I would end up not liking this first volume. And I was right.

While I did get used to the artwork in black and white, the stories that accompanied them were just too broad for my liking. Each individual story was interesting, yes. Together as a compilation though, the stories just don’t seem to fit together.

“Forgotten Juliet” was…interesting at best.

“Branded Bibi” was messed up. The main topic behind this short story is that it’s really a story of revenge. I wont’ give too much away, just incase you decide to pick up the book. I’m just glad that this particular story was over soon.

“The Youths Who Stopped Time” was very interesting actually. I was incredibly interested in how these kids decided to stop time for themselves. However, this story was over quickly. Short and Sweet, I’d like to say.

“Double” was such a sad story. I wanted to cry at how sad this story was! Agh.

“The Death of Cleo” is such a short story that I can barely remember what this one was about honestly.

As I said before, each story had their own value and interesting parts, but, all together I didn’t see where the volume was taking us.

I gave The Cain Saga, Vol. 1, 2 of 5 stars on GoodReads.

Have you read this Manga?
What did you think of it?

Happy Reading!

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