Tiger & Bunny, Vol. 01 by Mizuki Sakakibara | Manga Book Review #03



The official manga tie-in to the international smash-hit animated series!

Superpowered humans known as NEXT appeared in the world 45 years ago. Some of them fight crime in the city of Stern Bild while promoting their corporate sponsors on the hit show “HERO TV.” The people love their superheroes, even if they don’t completely understand them, and not all of the NEXT use their powers for good.

Veteran hero Wild Tiger has years of experience fighting crime, but his ratings have been slipping. Under orders from his new employer, Wild Tiger finds himself forced to team up with Barnaby Brooks Jr., a rookie with an attitude. Overcoming their differences will be at least as difficult for this mismatched duo as taking down superpowered bad guys!

Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for teen audiences.


I seriously doubted that I would enjoy the manga. The cover for me at least was off-putting. I didn’t really like the art but I wanted to know why this series was a tie-in the the ‘international smash-hit animated series.’

Well, I ended up really enjoying this first volume. I enjoyed the two main characters, and their differences on what they think they should do. Neither one of them wants to be a duo, but since their company has paired them, they can’t really get away from each other.

From what was told about the characters in this edition I liked getting to know the different characters (as much as one could in a manga volume).

Tiger & Bunny is a fast paced story, which is one thing that I know for sure I didn’t expect.  I ended up finishing Tiger & Bunny very quickly. Another thing that I didn’t expect was to laugh while I read Tiger & Bunny, yet I did. That surprised me way more than I thought it would.

So the main thing behind all of this is that some of the human populations’ DNA has changed a smidgen: a certain percentage of the people in the world now possess powers.

I’m looking forward to continuing on with the Tiger and Bunny series!

I gave the manga 3 of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Happy Reading!

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