Netgalley Reads | ARCs and Reading Progress

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I don’t know about you, but I tend to get a little click-happy whenever I’m on Netgalley. There are just so many books that interest me! So I end up requesting a few books. If I get allowed to download and read them, I tend to read a few and then forget about the others. Which is bad, because I know that there’s a chance that I’d end up actually liking the books that I haven’t read. It’s also bad that I haven’t read those books since, to me, I feel like I promised to read those books and I’m breaking that promise when I haven’t read those books.

And then I get distracted by other books I haven’t requested on Netgalley, and end up reading the library books I borrow..

So, I have a lot of books to read and review. I know I have to get on that. I’m working on it, actually! And since there’s this new group on GoodReads called ARCs Anonymous, that I actually really enjoy being in, since there seems to be so many other people in the same situation that I’m in: overloaded by ARCs.

My hope is that by making these ARC-related posts, I’ll feel more pressured to read the ARCs that I’ve been granted to read.

I recently counted how many ARCs I have, and I have just over 90 ARCs to get through. So I’m going to be busy ARC-wise for quite a while! I know I can manage to read all of these books. I know I can. I also know that it’s going to take me a while to get through all of them, and for when I need a break from e-ARCs, I can read other e/Books to help curb whatever I’m feeling at that moment in time.

I actually found that it’s easier for me to work through a mess if I organize it, and wow! Do I ever feel like I’m stressed out. I’ve organized the list of ARCs I have in my Notes app on my phone and the genres I have are: Spooky (for the ARCs Anonymous book group) YA Contemporary, YA Mystery/Thriller, YA Fantasy, YA Dystopia, New Adult, Adult, Adult Mystery/Thrillers, Adult Supernatural, and Children’s.

Do you have any ARCs that you’ve got to read?
Are you excited to read them?

Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “Netgalley Reads | ARCs and Reading Progress

  1. Bentley ★ says:

    Wow Adele! I thought I was bad with my addiction to Netgalley! 90 ARCs is definitely higher than mine though. I went through a stage earlier this year when I realized I had like 12 to read and just this month pared them down to 95% read. I’m just now starting to get back into requesting more again.

    I really admire you for taking so many on though. I think that’s a great idea to do these posts centered around ARCs to help keep yourself motivated.

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