He’s My Only Vampire Vol.01 by Aya Shouoto | Manga Book Review #02

Hello everyone! Today’s post is the second of many! I’m now posting my short reviews on the Manga’s that I read and what I thought of them. I will try to post these once a week, on Thursday’s. I hope you enjoy! — Adele



You are my “thrall”–mine and mine alone…
When Kana, a student at St. Agatha Academy, lays eyes on her long-lost childhood friend Aki amid the throng of the metropolis, the gears of destiny begin to turn!
Meeting with an unfortunate accident not long after, Kana finds herself pulled from the arms of death by a vampire–Aki. Now Kana must give herself over to Aki, body and soul, as his “thrall,” and soon she is trust into a dangerous game to obtain demonic powers known as “STIGMA,” which could very well spell the end for her all over again!

This is my review of He’s My Only Vampire Vol.1 in the English edition translated by Su Mon Han.

I didn’t know what to expect at all in this manga. I didn’t even read the synopsis when I IMG_5829borrowed this manga from the library. Yet when I borrowed He’s My Only Vampire from the library, I was excited for my read through!

This is my first Aya Shouoto manga. And I ended up really enjoying this first volume!

My favourite character is the main character, Kana. She’s very…ambiguous. Kana is pretty much everywhere around her school. Kana seems to be a very bubbly, outgoing person, and I’m honestly wondering why. I wonder if this is all a front of her’s and she’s just really depressed. However, I wont know for sure, until I read the other volumes in this story.

I’m not too sure about the second character, Aki. He seems nice enough, and he puts off a weird vibe to me. Aki is very hot and cold. One moment he’ll be nice and caring. The next he’ll be colder than ice. ….But I can’t help but liking his character. WHY?!

Another thing that I really enjoyed about this Manga is the artwork! I kinda wish it was in colour, just so that I could enjoy it more than I already did.

I am immensely looking forward to reading the second volume of He’s My Only Vampire.

I gave this first volume 3 of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Have you read this manga?
If you have, what did you think of it?
If you’ve got any manga recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Happy Reading!

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