August 2017 Publishings

ucbrpicHello! Today’s post is about the books that are going to be published next month, in August. I’ve been finding that I’m getting more and more into Mystery/Thriller novels. If you have any Mystery/Thriller novels that you think I would like, I’m all ears!

Here are a few book’s that I’m looking forward to this August. I know I more than likely won’t get around to reading them when they’re out on the floor for purchase, but I can look at them from afar until I read them. Here are those books!

August 1st

Omega is the second book to Infinity. I’m incredibly intrigued to find out what happens in Omega, since it’s the sequel and the last book finished with a cliff-hanger.

Sleeper definitely has that what-the-fuck feel to the book. The main character, Sarah, suffers from REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder, a parasomnia that causes her to act out her dreams. When she’s at a sleepover and almost snaps her friend’s neck, Sarah and her nocturnal habits are thrust into the spotlight, and Sarah becomes a social pariah.

The synopsis then goes into saying that there’s an experimental drug that comes onto the market, promising nighttime normalcy. Sarah agrees to participate in the trial. Just when Sarah feels as though everything is ‘normal,’ a guy from her nightmare shows up at school.

The Wood seems to have that fantasy feel which surrounds a huge spanse of forested area. The main character’s name is Winter, and she doesn’t want to look after the wood, but her father is missing, the wood is changing.

Truthers definitely has an interesting plot. I kinda feel like this book is going to be either a huge hit or miss with a lot of people. The main premise behind Truthers is that the main character of this story, Katie Wallace, is the living proof and lone survivor of a massive cover-up of a government conspiracy.

The second book to Mechanica, Venturess definitely has my attention — even though I’m hoping to avoid figuring out what Venturess is about, until I actually read it.

August 8th

The Dark Net seems incredibly interesting to be honest. I’m intrigued, fascinated, and wary of this book all at the same time. Also, The Dark Net, I feel, would greatly interest my sister; and she’s not much a huge reader.

Shimmer and Burn is a YA Fantasy, which is my preferred reading material. So right off the bat I know that there’s a chance that I might enjoy this book.

I first heard of Spellbook of the Lost and Foundwhile ago. I remember thinking what an interesting synopsis the book had. I’m really looking forward to reading this one.

August 29th

Right off the bat, the main character is described as being gender fluid, and a thief. That’s all I really need to want to read Mask of Shadows.

I mean, it’s Wonder Woman. What’s not to like about her? I’ll most definitely be reading Warbringer.

Other Notable Books:

  • The Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter (01,08,17)
  • When I Am Through with You by Stephanie Kuehn (01,08,17)
  • When They Come True by Sarah Fleming Mountford (01,08,17)
  • A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena (15,08,17)
  • All The Wicked Girls by Chris Whitaker (24,08,17)

So here are the books that I’m interested in this August. Are you interested in any of the books I have/haven’t mentioned?

Happy Reading!

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