Beautiful Decay, by Sylvia Lewis | Book Review #228


15843158‘Ellie Miller has always needed her space. Literally. With a touch that rots whatever she encounters, Ellie must keep people at a distance for their own good. Not that her classmates are itching to be best friends with the “freak” of the high school.

So when newcomer Nate MacPherson makes it his mission to get close to her, Ellie has her suspicions. But when he identifies her as a viviomancer who can work the forces of life and reveals himself to be a necromancer who can manipulate death, Ellie finds herself trusting Nate and the romance that is blossoming between them. Unfortunately for the two, family secrets can kill, and they will need more than their abilities to keep a zombie mom and a conglomerate of evil-doing supernaturals under control.

After spending her life pushing everyone away, Ellie’s realization of the full extent of her power and willingness to let people get close to her may be the only way to save the ones she loves.’

When I first saw this book, I thought, ‘Hey, what a pretty spine this book has. Let’s see what it’s about.’ I then flipped the book over so I could read the back of the book and ended up being incredibly intrigued by what I read. And since the only reason why I picked Beautiful Decay off the shelves was because I thought that this books spine was pretty, I knew it wouldn’t hurt if I just borrowed the book and gave it a chance.

I am so glad, that I borrowed this book. Seriously — I’ve found a new favourite book. One that I will one day own and have to put beside Uprooted on my shelves, since I love that book as well. 

unnamed-21I knew about 30 pages into Beautiful Decay that this book would be one that I would remember for a looong time, if not for the rest of my life. So, lets get into this review!!!

While I do indeed love what this story has to offer,  I got to say that the beginning of this story isn’t a very pretty one. The main character, Ellie, gets picked on a lot during and in school. With her not being able to touch anyone, she doesn’t have any friends and literally everyone is scared to touch her. With fear comes anger and bitterness. We see the results of this throughout the majority of the book.

And all of these kids, that know Ellie -or of her- are all terrified of her. these kids being scared all the time they pick on her. They stare at her. Ellie however is used to this and doesn’t let it stop her from doing what she does; which, I’m like, “Hells yeah, girl! Do your thing!” Yet, everyday Ellie is lonely, until one day she isn’t. When Nate arrives at her school, her life is practically turned upside down.

I don’t want to say too much, because I’ll most likely end up spoiling the book, but I will say this: Ellie’s life gets so much more hectic after Nate moves to town. Ellie realizes so much. Gah! There’s just so much of the world in this book that was left unexplored. I need more of Ellie’s story!

I ended up giving Beautiful Decay 5 of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Have you read, or even heard of Beautiful Decay? If you haven’t heard of Beautiful Decay, I suggest that you put it on your TBR right away!! If you have read Beautiful Decay, what did you end up thinking of the story? I’d love to know!

Happy Reading!

[EDIT: I’ve bought Beautiful Decay from The Book Depository. Now all I have to do is wait for it to get here! Once I get BD in the mail, I’m definitely going to re-read it.]

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