The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan | Book Review #208


28187‘Percy Jackson is a good kid, but he can’t seem to focus on his schoolwork or control his temper. And lately, being away at boarding school is only getting worse—Percy could have sworn his pre-algebra teacher turned into a monster and tried to kill him. When Percy’s mom finds out, she knows it’s time that he knew the truth about where he came from, and that he go to the one place he’ll be safe. She sends Percy to Camp Half Blood, a summer camp for demigods (on Long Island), where he learns that the father he never knew is Poseidon, God of the Sea. Soon a mystery unfolds and together with his friends—one a satyr and the other the demigod daughter of Athena—Percy sets out on a quest across the United States to reach the gates of the Underworld (located in a recording studio in Hollywood) and prevent a catastrophic war between the gods.’

The story and writing flows well, which was something that I both did and did not expect from this book. I’m surprised though by the fact that each time I picked up The Lightning Thief, the story was as interesting as it was when I put the book down.

As much as I laughed and enjoyed the story… I, unfortunately didn’t end up liking The Lightning Thief as much as I hoped I would. That’s okay though! I still enjoyed the book. I just didn’t experience all the gold and glitter that some people seem to have while reading Riordan’s books. This could be because I had high hopes of The Lightning Thief prior to actually reading the book.

I really enjoyed reading and getting to know Percy Jackson’s character. I have trouble reading words sometimes too, Percy!! On another note, Percy is actually super funny and full of sass. I have to hand it to his mother and father as well; Percy sticks it to the man. He doesn’t -yet- care who he’s talking to. If Percy knows something is up, he’ll speak his mind.

‘I had become one with the plumbing.’

unnamed-27If you’ve read the book, then you may know what part this was.. If you do, then I need to say that at this point I knew there were going to be other great one-liners like this one. I mean, I had to stifle my laughter! Percy is as funny as he is sassy. I actually really enjoyed reading his one-liners and sarcasm.

And the ending was great! There’s no cliffhanger, which is good. I don’t think I would have liked The Lightning Thief all that much if there were a cliffhanger. Speaking of the ending, the preemptive that The Lightning Thief has towards the second book is great.

Have you read The Lightning Thief before? If you have, what did you think of it?

I ended up giving The Lightning Thief, 3 of 5 stars on Goodreads!

Happy Reading!


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