Deviants, by Maureen McGowan | Book Reviews #195


‘In Glory’s world, different means deviant—and dead.22112248

In a post-apocalyptic world, where the earth is buried by asteroid dust that’s mutated the DNA of some humans, an orphaned sixteen-year-old, Glory, must hide and protect her younger brother. If their Deviant abilities are discovered, they’ll be expunged—kicked out of the dome to be tortured and killed by the Shredders. Glory would give anything to get rid of her unique ability to kill with her emotions, especially when Cal, the boy she’s always liked, becomes a spy for the authorities. But when her brother is discovered, and she learns their father, who was expunged for killing their mother, is still alive, she must escape the domed city that’s been her entire world.

Outside in the ruins, they’re pursued by the authorities and by sadistic, scab-covered Shredders who are addicted to the lethal-to-humans dust now covering the planet. Glory’s quests to transport herself and her brother to safety make up the thrilling and fascinating first volume of The Dust Chronicles.’

Deviants is the kind of book that has an incredibly slow start to things. Once the “ball” starts rolling though, it doesn’t stop.  — Beyond the pacing of the book, I found this book to be pretty predictable to be honest. If I didn’t at least get the full prediction correct, then I got at least part of the prediction correct..

unnamed-8And that’s completely troublesome for me. Yes, Deviants was entertaining enough for me to finish the book. With all of these predictions I had made, I found that the book was bland. I like being right about some things..however, being able to tell where Deviants was headed was entirely disappointing.

I had high hopes for Deviants. The story isn’t at all what I thought it would be, and while I think that the Deviants (the people with supernatural powers) are interesting… I don’t have a large enough connection to the story, nor its characters to continue on with the next book.

I ended up giving Deviants, 2 of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Have you read Deviants? If you have, did you enjoy it at all? 

Happy Reading!


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