Books I DNF’d | Part 2/?


Hello! Today’s post as you can read via the title is about the books I’ve marked as DNF. DNF stands for Did Not Finish. A little while ago I did my first “DNF” post. I thought that one would be my last.. Turns out, there are quite a few books that I’ve lost interest in, or for some reason they’ve failed to keep my attention.

Whether the book has caused me to lose interest, or I’m just not feeling the book at the moment.. There could be any amount of reasons why I didn’t finish a book. I could not like the writing, a character, or an event in the story that has caused me to stop reading.

As of late I’ve had a few more books that I’ve marked as DNF. Here they are!:

  • Insatiable by Meg Cabot — Adult Fiction

I had heard a lot of things –good things– about Cabot’s writing in the past. The things I’ve heard just mainly say that they love or enjoy her writing and stories.

I can say that I enjoyed her writing — to a fault. However…Insatiable was just too detailed, and had far too many points of view for my likely. The differing views made me loose sight of the overall story, and I believe I only got 40-ish percent (40%) into the story.

  • Don’t Look Now by Michelle Gagnon — YA Dystopia

I’m upset with myself for not being able to finish Don’t Look Now. Don’t Look Now is the second book in the PERSEPH0NE trilogy/series. When I finished Don’t Turn Around (the first book) I really enjoyed it, and the message at the end of the book caused me to want to read Don’t Look Now.

So when I finally got Don’t Look Now through the library I was super excited. I thought that this book would have a lot of action, and maybe –hopefully– start the book off with some action like in the first book. That didn’t happen at all. Which I’m not too upset about, if I’m being honest. But I’m still miffed at myself for losing interest in the book. I only got 100 pages (thats 28%) into the book. And nothing was happening at all!

Maybe I lost interest in the book because I have so many other books on my mind, or maybe it’s because the stars weren’t aligned for me at the time of starting the book. Maybe it was the added point of view in this book that threw me off. I just ended up not finishing the book, which is totally disappointing. Are you disappointed? I am.

Hopefully re-reading this book at a different time will be better for me and the book.

  • Hollow City (Miss Penegrine’s Peculiar Children, #2) by Ransom Riggs — YA Fiction/Fantasy

I ended up not finishing Hollow City — I actually only got into reading around 50-80 pages? I know that I didn’t get that far into the book. And I’m honestly incredibly glad that I didn’t finish the book. I saved myself a lot of time and emotional rage by not finishing Hollow City. I found that Hollow City was an incredibly dry story.

  • The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller — YA LGBTQIA Historical Fiction

I didn’t finish this book because by the time I had started reading it, the book was due back at the library and I couldn’t renew it again. You may be thinking, then just return it and take it out again. Well the thing about that is that I literally have 21 other books out of the library right now. I’m going to borrow the book again someday and read it like I really should, and take it slow and pay attention to the book since it’s so eloquently detailed.

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