True Born, by L.E. Sterling | Book Review #188

This review may contain spoilers.


Welcome to Dominion City.26114621

After the great Plague descended, the world population was decimated…and their genetics damaged beyond repair.

The Lasters wait hopelessly for their genes to self-destruct. The Splicers pay for expensive treatments that might prolong their life. The plague-resistant True Borns are as mysterious as they are feared…

And then there’s Lucy Fox and her identical twin sister, Margot. After endless tests, no one wants to reveal what they are.

When Margot disappears, a desperate Lucy has no choice but to put her faith in the True Borns, led by the charismatic Nolan Storm and the beautiful but deadly Jared Price. As Lucy and the True Borns set out to rescue her sister, they stumble upon a vast conspiracy stretching from Dominion’s street preachers to shady Russian tycoons. But why target the Fox sisters?

As they say in Dominion, it’s in the blood.’

True Born is a Young Adult Science Fiction/ Fantasy Dystopia. A nice thing about this book, as I’ve come to realize, is that we don’t know when exactly the story takes place. The settings of this book are similar to our world, but different enough that it’s hard to place where exactly the story takes place geologically.

I like the point of view that the main character, Lucy, has. She’s so protective of her sister. And like, I was immediately drawn into Lucy’s point of view and just her…character. I related on a few things with her. Mostly the sister thing, and having to be protective of out siblings.

The setting of True Born is very interesting. I wonder what year the story takes place in? As far as I know, we aren’t given a year like some stories do. I also like the pace of the book as well, like the general pace of the story is fast but not to the point where it’s overwhelming.

There’s action in the beginning of the story but there’s also a lot nearing the end as well.  I love how nearing the end of the book it feels like the loose ends are tied so we no longer have to worry about it but at the same time there are new possibilities that have opened. However, Sterling wrote the book where I feel confident that the next book will be just as enjoyable as True Born is. I’m looking forward to reading the next book since there’s so much that still has to happen!


What was nice about the writing and plot of this book was that everything was paced evenly. Secrets of the plot (as one would say) unravelled when they were supposed to. There weren’t really any plot twists, which is great for this story. If there were a plot twist… I can’t even imagine a plot twist in True Born to be honest.

I think that my favourite thing about True Born is well, the Fatnasy elements that we’re given, but the love interest: Jared. I really like Jared, aka: cat boy, as the love interest. But what bothers me is that we don’t find out his age WHICH IS INFURIATING.

I’m not to going to like when the Russian guy is introduced. AND GUESS WHAT??? I DIDN’T. NOT AT ALL. And yes, he’s a general dick.

I hope that there isn’t some hidden-hidden (super secret) motive behind Nolan Storms actions.

The story is kind of unravelling itself which is nice because there’s already so much stuff that we don’t know about the general story. Which is why I’m incredibly interested in the second book.

I ended up giving True Born 3 of 5 stars.

Have you read True Born? What did/do you think of it? 

Happy Reading!

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